Tech Guru Work from Home

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Uploaded: 29th Jul 2017 at 11:44 AM
Updated: 23rd Feb 2020 at 5:29 PM

Updated for the latest (Feb.12) patch.

Older updates

Fixed the "Livestream a Game" task, 1 hour of livestreaming is required twice, instead of completing the interaction.
Updated for the seasons patch. Fixed the problem with the "start social network" assignment; you won't get this assignment unless your sim has at least level 5 charisma (when you can actually start a social network). I have also changed the assignments of creating mobile app and game from finishing them to working 3 hours on them, so it won't consume the whole day of your sims

The only thing I left as it is now is the "play a modded game" assignment. The game files don't contain a solution for this assignment appearing only if you have already modded the game. I would suggest modding a game in advance. If this assignment is really annoying and impossible to finish, please let me know, and at least I will reduce the chance for it to appear.

Hi Everyone!

This is the latest mod of my collection of "Work from Home" mods (previous careers are: Entertainer, Culinary, Business, Athlete, Painter, Writer)

This mod enables the "work from home" option for the tech guru career. Working from home has the same mechanism that came with City Living careers. You will get a notification 1 hour before work where you can choose from sending your sim to work, working from home or taking PTO. Then you get two assignments if you choose the "work from home" option. A few examples of these assignments are below.

Tech Guru (before choosing a branch)
  • play games (tablet, computer, console, motion)
  • mod games
  • play modded games
  • create plugin
  • practice programming
  • get focused
  • improve programming and video gaming skills

  • play games (tablet, computer, console, motion)
  • livestream
  • participate in UGT
  • enter gaming tournament
  • research gaming strategy
  • social network tasks (start a social network, update, earn followers)

  • create mobile app
  • make a game
  • hack something
  • get to know sims in different neighbourhoods
  • flatter sims
  • ask for loans

Your sim will get the same amount of money they would get by working a whole workday in the traditional way. One assignment grants half the daily wage since you get two assignments every day.

The levels, skill requirements, work days and wages per hour (if you choose to send your sim to work) remain the same as they were without any mods.