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Utopian Paradise

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2017 at 2:01 AM
Updated: 10th Jun 2017 at 7:35 AM
It may seem redundant (it is), but that's how this modern, comfy home can be described. As usual , modern architecture is present in this creation and the interiors of the house follow two color schemes ( black-white , brown ).

While the house may be relatively small , it actually houses two bedrooms and an upper-floor bathroom. The first floor features an open floor plan and connects to the second floor through a spiral staircase.

The main living room/area is located near the entrance ; the dining area is complimented by a nearby fireplace ; following straight is the kitchen with a breakfast bar with a small television for some entertainment .

Finally , proceeding to the rear part of the house is the 'paradise' ; I personally chose the more colorful flowers and trees to compliment the minimalist color of the house which is white, and I really thinks it adds to the aesthetics of the house ESPECIALLY the back of the house :

This part is all yours to customize , although I left out a little space if ever you have Leon's Fountain of Youth ( which completely fits the setting ).

Lastly , the edges of the flat is indeed flat , while the inner part of the lot is edited into having landscapes -- so no worries in placing this into any 20 x 30 lot in any world. The exact location where this house was built was in 18 Maywood Lane, found in Sunset Valley :

Custom Content : None

Expansion Pack(s) used : Ambitions , Late Night , Generations , Showtime , Supernatural , Into The Future

Stuff Pack(s) used : None

The house has been play-tested and no issues were found.

Notes :

-- The expansion packs to prioritize are Into The Future and Generations since most of the decorations and furnitures were from these two (ESPECIALLY Into The Future , since the circular window is from this one)
-- Showtime was only needed for the palm trees while Supernatural was only needed for the dining table and one end table .
-- In case this might be bothering you , the bean bag chair under the spiral staircase is usable
-- and remember , do not put any carpets near the fireplace !

Enjoy !

Lot Size: 20x30
Lot Price (furnished): $ 78,614
Lot Price (unfurnished): $ 47,234