No more helmets! Hide the fugly project

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Uploaded: 6th Nov 2017 at 3:08 PM
Hello everyone. Since I couldn’t find defaults replacements that I liked (I prefer Maxis Match and I could only find realistic hair) for this insane amount of helmets Eaxis gave us almost ten years ago, I decided to hide them from the world. Once you drop this on you dowload folder they won’t show up anymore, nor adults or elders.
Now, the FAQin question would be Are they going to show up for the architecture career outfit? And the answer is: Yes! Your Sims will have their heads safe at work, as this is only a hider, it doesn’t permanently delete the files. Also, if you want the helmets back, you just need to delete the download file from your Downloads folder.
This is all for now. I’ll probably keep hiding stuff I can’t find a default replacement I like.

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joninmobile SimPE