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Pet Pregnancy Success

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Uploaded: 28th Nov 2017 at 4:58 PM
Game Requirements
Needs Cats & Dogs EP

This Mod Increases the chances of your pets getting pregnant. I've included 3 versions, 100%, 75% or 50% Successful, you must only install 1 version. Ill also show you how to change the values to whatever you like.

Edit Mod
If you want to change the values follow these simple steps

1. Make a copy of Mod and name it whatever you want

2. Open Sims 4 Studio> Click My Project> Open your copied version of the mod

3. In the XML page on the right change the lines 261, 386 and 528 to whatever you want. They will be under "pregnancy_subject" "success_chance" "base_chance"
- 261 for Cats
- 386 for small Pets
- 528 for Large Dogs

Start from Scratch
Starting from scratch may be useful if the mod becomes broken and I'm not around to update it

1. Open S4S, Click on Tools>Create empty Package>Name your File

2. Click Tools>Extract Tuning>Type petSocial_PetToPet_TryForBaby> Click on it and then Click Add to Current Package

3. Edit Lines 261, 386, 528. Save and Add to Mod Folder

Note: Future updates may require more then these steps in the future

Conflicts Will conflict with anything modding the following resource(should only be Pet mating)


Default Values
"pregnancy_subject" "success_chance" "base_chance"
Line 261 >70<
Line 386 >33<
Line 528 >33<

Modded Values
Depending on version changed to either...
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio