Children of the Night - A Pose Pack for Vampire Children

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Uploaded 11th Jan 2018 at 8:28 PM

Due to continuing inspiration from the previous VampPack and outlandish lack of undead poses for younger Sims, I give you a pose pack centered almost exclusively on vampire children. Package includes 2 single poses and 6 pairs of dual poses involving a vampire child doing some vampy-ey activity - like eating.

Some poses are suspended to allow for use of an altar bed from LN expansion pack, but any other bed will work just the same. These poses have all been tested in-game and are Pose Player and Pose List compatible. For those of you who do not use the Pose List, these are the codes:

c_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose1 -> C vamp reaching out and hissing

c_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose2 -> C vamp lying asleep on altar bed

c_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose3 -> C vamp lunging at A victim

a_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose4 -> A victim stumbling backward in horror

c_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose5 -> C vamp crouched over and feeding from A

a_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose6 -> A lying on ground about to pass out

c_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose7 -> C vamp sitting on top of A and wiping mouth

a_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose8 -> A lying on ground unconcious

c_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose9 -> C vamp being held and feeding from A victim

a_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose10 -> A holding C vamp with surprised/mortified expression

c_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose11 -> C vamp holding on to arm and feeding

a_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose12 -> A kneeling in front of C vamp with arm presented

c_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose13 -> C vamp sitting on lap of A vamp and admiring fangs

a_Unfathomable7_COTN_Pose14 -> A vamp sitting on altar bed with C vamp on lap showing off fangs

No major issues were encountered during testing, but some minor clothing and/or hair clipping may occur due to the proximity at which the Sims were posed together. I hope you enjoy, and Happy Simming!

Additional Credits:
Cmomoney for Pose Player and the Pose Pack Creator
Inge Jones for S3PE Peter Jones for S3OC

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