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Heart Cookies

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Uploaded: 4th Feb 2018 at 8:51 PM
Heart shaped cookies for February..how original

Mod Description
Adds 5 new Recipes using CCLoader


It adds recipes and 5 recipe books to the game.

--- The recipes are available under Dessert ( So only Serve option available.No option to make single dishes)
--- the recipes do not have custom cooking processes yet. Will be added later.
--- The Recipe Books can be bought from the Bookstore( Recipes require recipe books to be read)

Recipe List

1. Berry Heart Cookies
2. Cardiac cookies
3. Mint heart cookies
4. Choco heart Cookies
5. Red Sprinkle Heart Cookies

Requirements and Game Compatibility

Requirement: CCLoader

Game Compatibility : Base Game compatible

But to get the whole experience (i.e, appropriate ingredients for the recipes), recommended are :

-- Baker's Basket Plants and Ingredients ,
-- Cinderellimouse-Cooking and Ingredients Overhaul + More Nectar Ingredients AND Greek Recipes , Plants , Ingredients ,
-- Sims 3 Store Bohemian garden fruits and Nuts ,
-- Expansion Packs - University


-douglasveiga for the awesome tool

-Arsil for the most helpful tutorial

-Inge Jones and Simlogical - For S3PE - Blender

- Milkshape

- Photoshop