Functional Sofa Bed and Chair Bed - IKEA EKTORP

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Uploaded: 11th Feb 2018 at 2:24 PM
Updated: 10th Aug 2021 at 12:30 PM
25 June 2018: Clickable areas on beds are better now (still not perfect, though). Sims won't use hidden parts of sofa/bed for modded autonomous actions (concerns ACR and the such).

These are two 2-in-1 objects - sofa bed and chair bed. Functional. You can fold and unfold them. For real!
Sofa bed works as a loveseat and a double bed. Chair bed is a single bed and an armchair.

Catalogue info
NamePriceRoom sortFunction sortEnergy and comfort ratings
EKTORP Sofa Bed$499Bedroom & LivingroomSeating-Beds & Seating-SofasAround cheap eazzze double bed and durable value sofa
EKTORP Chair Bed$349Bedroom & LivingroomSeating-Beds & Seating-LivingroomAround cheap pine single bed and nofowle value chair

Important stuff first
  • IKEA Stuff Pack is absolutely required.
  • Apartment Life or Mansions & Gardens should be among your EPs. If you don't have neither AL nor M&G, these objects might not work for you (be careful in testing).
  • Sofa bed and chair bed are independent from each other. You can download both or one of them. But their parts (states) are tied together - you get two files for each item and both are needed.
  • Delete cache files before going in game.

Now that critical info is out of the way, let me thank Trapping for sofa bed's mesh. I did some work on the mesh, which I describe below, added more meshes on my own and made the functionality, but I'd like to acknowledge Trapping's contribution. It gave me jump start, back when I knew nothing about meshing.

  • Place sofa or chair keeping in mind the size of a double or single bed, respectively. Things like walls in front of it may prevent the bed from unfolding. Though, low objects like coffee tables won't interfere, as you can see on screenshots.
  • Don't place diagonally or off grid.
  • Chair bed should not have a wall on left or right side.
  • In live mode, unpause the game for a second, and it's ready to use.
  • To sell or place into inventory, fold it first.

  • All the usual sofa/chair/bed actions are available and work the usual way.
  • New options to fold and unfold are available to humans from child to elder.
  • There is no animation for unfolding and folding in a way you'd expect. Instead, sims use remote.
  • If someone is in the way, when you're about to fold or unfold, the acting sim will try to shoo them away.
  • Sims may unfold sofa or chair autonomously, if they want to sleep. Visitors have to be invited to stay the night to do so. Autonomy is adjusted by ownership: the more often sims use the bed the more likely they would choose it for sleeping. In the old version, it depended on hours, but I decided to bring it more in line with regular beds.
  • Sims will not fold beds autonomously.
  • If you use my unmade bed mod, decorative stuff will disappear from bed on folding.

  • If you have any recolors of Ikea Ektorp sofa (not loveseat), Ikea Klippan cushion and/or custom bedding in your downloads, you'll be able to apply them on the sofa bed and chair bed. They're slaves.
  • Included in this thread is invisible cushion recolor (completely optional). It makes it look like it's not there. The recolor will work on Klippan cushion and it's slaves.
  • In game, to change material in design mode, you need to change each state separately. Use design tool on folded/unfolded state, go to live mode to fold/unfold, go back to use design tool on changed state. Initially, though, when you first buy the object, you don't need to do that (the bed part automatically copies materials from the seating part).

Known issues
  • Beds have slight issues with clickable areas around heads. That's what happens when you use Blender and obj files with bone assignments.
  • Chair and sofa have clipping issues with armrests. Because of beds' width, seats had to be wider than tiles they occupy. It's noticeable when sims lay down to relax or scoot in to seat from a side. Chair's armrests stick out more, but you can place nightstands or other objects next to it.
  • When you visit neighbor's apartment that have sofa bed or chair bed, both states may become visible at the same time, because of the whole apartment hiding/unhiding procedure. The objects should fix themselves in a few seconds, but if they don't, you can straighten them up by folding/unfolding interaction.
  • Not an issue: on a couple of screenshots, there are no shadows, but that's because I took them early and liked them too much to reshoot.

If something went wrong
  • If an object seems to face wrong direction compared to its other state, go to buy mode, pick it up and place back. If it keeps doing that, it probably doesn't like where it's placed.
  • If unfolding interaction is not available, make sure you let the game run unpaused since you bought the object. If that doesn't work, it probably means it keeps failing to create the bed part, so sell it and buy new one. Make sure there's enough space, when you place it. Let me know if it happens often and for no apparent reason, because it shouldn't.
  • If sofa/chair disappears, somehow both states get hidden or whatever, use stuck objects remover (yellow cube) to delete them. Let me know how you managed to get to that point, so I can recreate it in my game, track down the cause and fix it.

To early downloaders and testers
  • If you're one of them, upgrading to new sofa bed is going to be inconvenient. Because of GUID change, sofa bed will fallback on Trapping's bed or Maxis' moderate bed, and you may have to use stuck objects remover (yellow cube) in case one or both parts stay invisible. I'm sorry for that.
  • So, what changed is that I gave it new GUID, shadows, remote animations, and tweaked functions.
  • If you re-download, don't forget to remove old files before adding sofa bed. Also, sell old object and buy new one in game, even if it's not invisible.
  • If you decide to keep the old version, try not to spread around old files.

To fellow creators
  • If you want to recolor these objects, you should recolor Ikea Ektorp sofa (not loveseat), Ikea Klippan cushion and Colonial bedding (the one that all custom beds are supposed to be slaved to).
  • If you build lots for sharing and want to use these objects, link back to this thread so that people can download them. Why? If you package sofa or chair bed with your lot, not all parts would be included.
  • If you're an object creator and want to make your own sofa bed by my example - go ahead! I give you permission to dissect my code and apply it to your object. It might be messy and not easy to make it work, but please don't be mad at me for not writing a tutorial. I might be able to help you in creators forum, if I see your problem there. And if you make it please let me know! I'd want to download, too.
  • If you know how to fix clickable areas (with Blender), please drop me a hint.

The Secret
You may have heard that sofas and beds are not possible to combine in one object. Even more so, chairs and beds. Yes. But these are double objects. One of them is hidden while the other is active. So, actually there are 4 objects here.
  • Sofa and bed. I took as a base Trapping's sofa bed, which is a combo of modified Maxis' Ektorp loveseat, new legs and Maxis' bedding. I fixed the mesh to reduce texture stretching, moved it a bit and made appropriate shadows. The bedding and sofa materials were slaved to Maxis' textures by Trapping.
    Then I gave it sofa counterpart with a cushion, for which I tweaked Maxis' Klippan cushion mesh, and slaved their textures to Maxis'. Shadows made by me, with exception of side and ground shadows of sofa object - those I slaved to Maxis' textures.
  • Chair and bed. I based them on Maxis' Ektorp chair that underwent enlargement and mapping adjustment, Maxis' single bed stripped of frame, the cushion I made before and the legs I borrowed from Trapping's sofa bed. I slaved their materials to Maxis' textures. I also mapped and textured the shadows.
How I made them function is a long story. This description is a novel already. In the end, it worked, I compressorized the files, zipped them up, and here they are!

Enjoy and poke me with a stick if I messed up.

Models, Subsets, Polys

Polygon Counts:
Sofa Bed Folded (sofa): 1962 faces
Sofa Bed Unfolded (bed): 2948 faces
Chair Bed Folded (chair): 1376 faces
Chair Bed Unfolded (bed): 1956 faces

Additional Credits:
Trapping, once more.
Creators of the Sims 2, SimPE, Compressorizer, Blender, Photoshop, Photoscape, 7z, MTS, Fraps, etc.
Tutorial authors.
Also, thanks: @grinevilly who talked me into making it remote controlled (happy? ), @Duine who suggested chair bed, and nice and helpful CFF frequenters.