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Uploaded: 19th Feb 2018 at 3:24 AM
Updated: 2nd Apr 2018 at 2:21 AM
Latest version : package file with modified date : 03/08/2018 10:31 PM. Please make sure you have the latest version.

Shape you child and teen sims into adulthood, build their character value. Give them advice, defend or protect them when they get problems. From part of The Sims 4 Parenthood gamepack, comes to The Sims 2. Your Sims' children's personality will depend on your decision.

This mod adds new gameplay, hence is experimental. Feel free to give feedback in comments for unusual behaviour.
Note : For those who experience wrong text description in this mod custom memory, getting something like "I organized a great party" or even blank description instead of actual memory description, It is because your game region language is not US English. Since my custom memories are clone from game's held party memory, and I only the change US English language and not the other region language, so you have to change the memory description to your own region language. You can follow these steps here but the one that you have to change is "Catalog Description" in the this mod main package instead of "Text List" in the localization plugin. Catalog description contains all description text for custom memories

  • If you experience blank popup, notification, dialog box or message, try these steps here
  • If you want to localize/translate the text into your language or game region, you can follow these steps here
  • If you experience other unusual behaviours, you can try to follow these steps here
  • Every plugin is not independent mod package, unless it is said so. You have to install the main package if you want to use a plugin.


First things first :
Compatibility :
This mod is not compatible with base-game-only. The resources I've overriden are taken from Apartment Life, but in the coding also contains functions and constants from Freetime, Pet and University

What does this mod do ?
  1. This mod gives character values to your sims from child to teen. There are 5 character values that can be developed :
    Manners, Responsibility, Conflict Resolution, Empathy and Emotional Control.
  2. This mod will affect child and teen sims, both orphan or has at least 1 living parent.
  3. This mod using "at-school interaction" means character value development will be only randomly occured as event when your sims at school (% chance of the chance card to pop up will be scaled against age duration if you have age duration mod. The longer the age duration, the slimmer the chances will be). There will be 2 kind of events :
    • Your sims need advice : You can give them advice with one of three choices given. Each advice is corresponding with increment of one character value and decrement of one character value, that will not only change your sims' character value point, but also change their personality based on corresponding character value, that explained in picture 5. Also there is a chance of enthusiasm and hobby bonuses.
      Example :
      An advice can raise your sims' manners and decrease their emotional control thus will raise their neatness alot and decrease the niceness and outgoing value, while other advice can raise the responsibility and decrease conflict resolution thus will raise outgoing and niceness but decrease playfulness and activeness. Which character values that are affected by a choice is mostly same with the sims 4 character value chance card configuration.
      Please note : BUT your sims sometimes decide not to follow your advice and choose other choice than your advice. Mod default setting is 12% chances that your sims will not follow your advice. This value can be decrease if your sims has good relationship with at least one of their parents, and can increase if they has bad relationship with all of the parents, if they have living parents.
    • Your Sims' school calls : Same as "your sims need advice", except the school will always follow your advice.
  4. When your toddler sims grow up to child sims, they will be given character values based on their personality, plus random character value bonuses if they finished their potty training, can talk or can walk, but will not affect personality point.
  5. If you installed "Prom + After School Activity" mod, your sims will also get random character value point if prom or after activity event is occured, but will not affect personality point.
  6. If you installed "Mood Swing + Midlife Crisis" mod, any character value chance card result will affect the original personality point and will not affect current mood swing's personality during mood swing, so its effect can be seen after the mood swing ends.
  7. If teen sims grow up into Adult or Young adult, they will have character value trait based on their aspiration achievement and character value point, as follow :
    • Good aspiration value achievement (so-so and above), sims will have one of these character value traits based on maximum character point :
      Good manners, Responsible, Mediator, Compassionate or Emotional control.
      If there is two or more character value that have same highest point, it will be randomly picked from one of them.
    • Bad aspiration value achievement, sims will have one of these character value traits based on minimum character point :
      Bad manners, Irresponsible, Argumentative, Insensitive or Uncontrolled-emotions .
      If there is two or more character value that have same lowest point, it will be randomly picked from one of them.
    • Sims also will have memory based on character value trait that they've gotten.
  8. If Sims has zero in all of character value point, they will not get a character value trait when they grow up.
  9. Child or teen sims can check their current character value point by click on themselves, choose display and click character value.
    Adult sims can check their character value traits by click on the adult sims, click display and then character value trait.
  10. Hopefully, more plugins for this mod with more benefit of character value traits will be release in the future.

Conflicts :
So far, the only conflict I found is with my "Mood Swing + Midlife Crisis" mod, but it will be solved with installing the plugin number 00 along with this mod. But of course, technically, this mod will conflict with other mods that override these game resources :

Install :
  • Just put my mod in Downloads folder of your sims 2 data. If this mod does not work, try to change the load order, like rename my mod to "z_pqw_parenthood.package".
  • For inTeen user, please download plugin_01 for compatibility purpose.
  • For inTeen user, please make sure this mod and all of its plugin, if any, are loaded after inTeen, by checking if there is "zzzz_" in front of original filename, and adding "zzzz_" if they have not been renamed yet.
  • If you also have "pqw_mood_swing.package" installed, then you MUST also download "pqw_parenthood_plugin_00" in order to both of these mods to work. DO NOT install "pqw_parenthood_plugin_00" if you do not have "pqw_mood_swing.package" installed, since it will give you a lot of errors.
  • This mod should be load after "pqw_afterschoolactivity.package", "pqw_afterworkactivity.package", and "pqw_mood_swing.package" and their plugins if any. If you do not change the name of those packages and this package, then it should be just fine, as it complies the load order.
  • It is adviced for you to backup your nhood once in a while and before installing this mod just in case.
  • If you want to set your own setting, just open your package using SimPE. Open resources as shown in picture number 5, and change the value (from 0 to 100), commit and save.

Additional Credits :
  • Creator of SimPE
  • EA for the idea and character value chance card wording
  • Sims wikia for trait wording and icons