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Artistic Trait

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Uploaded: 18th Feb 2018 at 2:47 PM
Updated: 4th Jul 2018 at 8:51 PM

Update 4/07/2018:

~ "Virtuoso" Buff now functions with Pipe Organs if you have the Vampires GP ~
~ French Translation added by FrenchHummingBird ~
~ Works with Seasons Update (Game Version ~
~ Contains previous translations ~


4/07/2018 ~ French Translation added, thanks to FrenchHummingBird!
27/03/2018 ~ German Translation added, thanks to Sims4Adults!


Artistic Sims are at their best when they have a paint brush at hand. Sims with this trait also love to play all types of instruments and even write their own blog or even a book!

With this trait;

Sims gain a +4 Inspired Buff when painting;

Sims gain +3 Inspired Buff when writing;

Sims gain a +3 Inspired Buff when playing the Guitar, Piano, Violin or Pipe Organ (If you have Vampires GP):


~ Paint {Painting Type}
~ Admire Art
~ Discus Color Theory
~ Finish a Paining
~ Make a Wish
~ Talk About Art
~ View or Admire a Piece or Art at the Museum
~ Become Inspired
~ Discuss Favourite Author
~ Write {Book Type}
~ Level up Writing Skill
~ Level up in Painting Skill
~ Write {No} Books
~ Finish Writing a Book
~ Earn {Amount} in Tips
~ Level up {Instrument} Skill
~ Play {Instrument}
~ Serenade Someone with a Piano
~ Licence {Instrument} Song

Skill Increases:

~ The Painting Skill increases 2x Faster,
~ All Instruments (Violin, Pipe Organ, Guitar and Piano) increase 1.5x Faster
~ Writing increases 1.5x Faster

Career Performance:

~ Painter Career increases 2x Faster
~ Entertainer Career increases 1.5x Faster
~ Writer Career increases 1.5x Faster


~ Fun Increases 1.75x Faster

Additional Credits:
Made via Zerbu's Mod Constructor V3