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Actor/Actress Career (Updated For Island Living)

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Uploaded: 11th Jun 2018 at 6:09 PM
Updated: 9th Jul 2019 at 9:57 AM
New features :
- French Translation added (Make sure to download only this file: TheLittleCreator_Careers_ActorActress FRENCH)

You have been dreaming about acting as long as you can remember. You took a few acting lessons and already audiences for a few small rolls but no one called you back. Don't give up, you keep telling yourself but the idea of getting rejected again is just something you do not want to face again.

Maybe more acting lessons will help?

This mod works fine with the latest game patch:

Level 1: Audition Geek0
$10 Per hour - 5hours - M/T/W/T
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 2
It has been months since your last audition, since your last humiliation. Some nasty group of sims posted your audition tape to the SimsWeb, it was for the whole town to see. You decided not to let this take you down and from that moment you put a bit more effort in your dreams. Maybe this time you will land your first role as a actor.

Level 2: Voice-Over
$90 Per Hour - 6hours - M/T/W/T/F
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 3
Hard work pays off! You landed your first role as an actor in a animation movie? Yeah.. Well it is better than nothing right? You will be the voice of a very cute mouse in The Son Of Bigfoot. You get the chance to work with amazing cast and crew and maybe.. yeah maybe someone has noticed your acting ability.

Level 3: Commercial Break
$190 Per hour - 6hours- M/T/W/T/F
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 5, Logic 2
What did I say? A quiet voice keep telling you but, wait, it isn’t your imaginary voice talking you. It is actually the director yelling at you for not remembering your lines. You have been over the moon after they called for a few commercials. Get your act together and focus on these lines.

Level 4: Sub Soapy
$240 Per hour -5hours- T/W/T/S/S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 7, Logic 4
Finally you get to show your face on tv, for real this time. Your first big role as an performer will be in the hilarious sitcom, Modern Family. Your role is an mysterious housekeeper who moved from state to state to hide her identity from a shady group. Well, the real reason is why you keep moving is of your study loan.

Level 5: Shoot, Papa-Paparazzi
$290 Per hour - 5hours - M/T/W/F/S
Ideal Mood: Focused
Objectives: Logic 6, Fitness 2
Run! I mean it. Run for your life. Ever since you showed your face on tv, everyone but literally everyone wants a selfie or a hug from you. You almost got locked into a store because you could not shake the paparazzi of your back. What do you do in these type of situations? After your almost-locked-in situation you decided it is enough and let your fans and the paparazzi crew know that these situations can be dangerous for you but also for them. Thankfully, they understand and they promised to be careful next time.

Level 6: Understudy
$340 Per hour - 5hours- W/F/S/S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Logic 7, Fitness 4
Ah, your in that one spot that no one wants to be in. You are an understudy, this means when an actor or someone else from the cast get sick you will be the one who rehearse all the scene with the other cast members and you won’t be even on screen.

Level 7: Tv Celebrity
$470 Per hour - 5hours- M/T/W/S/S
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 9, Fitness 6
Or will you? Remember when you were rehearsing the script with that other understudy? It is your lucky day because they fired the main character and they signed you to be their new main character. At first you thought they were pranking you but it is actually true. You are going to be a star. Finally, some recognition for your hard work.

Level 8: Movie Freak
$500 Per hour - 6hours - M/T/W/T
Ideal Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 10, Logic 9
Since your first big role as guest star on Modern Family. Your life has been a rollercoaster full of things you never thought you would be doing. From appearing on Commercials, Tv shows and red carpets the world is kissing your feet. You have to make a big decision here, you will be in the season finale of Pretty Little Liars or will you be landing your first big role in a Movie called Dunkirk?

Level 9: Golden Llamas, Baby
$580 Per hour - 6hours - F/S/S
Ideal Mood: Happy
Objectives: Logic 10, Fitness 8
Believe it or not but, it is really you on that stage. Your lost for words, you never thought that you would will win a Golden Llama so soon after your tv debut. You get a standing ovation from the cast and crew. You do not really know what to say in your speech so you thank everyone who believed you from the start and silently walk of the stage as a tiny tear rolled down your cheek.

Level 10: A-List Actor
$725 Per hour - 6hours- T/F/S/S
Ideal Mood: Happy
Objectives: Fitness 10
You made it! You are finally on the top of list, a place where you always wanted to be. You can not be any happier than you already are. Enjoy it before it is over.

Additional Credits:
Made with Neia's Create-A-Career Beta Tool
French Translation by iNO Ox (THANK YOU! )