Theatre Dressing Room Mirror

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Theatre Dressing Room Mirror

Here's a 3t2 classic theatre mirror. The lighting effect is created through the TXMT and it can be turned off and on through the pie menu. Straight out of the catalog it'll be on in case you need it lit on an unoccupied lot. The mirror is positioned to work with the salon chair or be used with a table to create a vanity.
  • Decorative/Mirror §450
  • Turn Lights On/Off pie menu option
  • Four texures: Brass, Chrome, Silver and Black
  • Five Slots

Terms of Use: None. Thanks for downloading.

Recommended: Invisible lights and 1 tile desk would be great to have with this. Nix has a lovely set of invisible lights HERE and the desk from my Island Counter Desk set are two options if you need them.

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Additional Credits:
Maxis for the meshes & textures, SimPE, Milkshape and MTS as always for hosting the content and the tutorials to help make the content.