Country Luxury

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Uploaded: 8th Jun 2015 at 11:35 PM
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Country Luxury
Country Luxury is large (huge really) family home based on these house plans. I built this house in my full game so all expansions, stuff packs and some CC are required.

The basic version of the lot is completely unfurnished with the exception of a phone, alarms and outdoor lighting/landscaping. The furnished version uses a small amount of optional Buy Mode CC in addition to the Build Mode CC both lots use.

§124,809 Basic | §320,860 Furnished
4x6 Lot
6 Bedrooms & 6 Bathrooms
Side Facing Garage
Green House & Orchard
Sauna, Pool & Pond
Lights, Alarms & Phone

Playtest Notes:
I playtested a copy of the lot with a family of 4 adults, 1 child/teenager, 2 babies/toddlers along with a dog and bird. When the babies were born I put cribs in the great room which worked out really well until they got older and moved upstairs permanently. Note: The lot does not have a good cut away view so you'll need to zoom in, out and rotate around the lot as you play. It's a huge house.

Landscaping: There is a lot of landscaping to tend to but I hired the butler and gardener both and they were able to keep up with it even in the Fall. If you fertilize and plant tomatoes in the green house as soon as you move in you can call for a Garden Club Membership and that's enough to be awarded the wishing well on the first day -- which looks super cute under the willow tree by the pond.

There were a few issues:
-The dark green/pink recolor on the Phlox shrub defaults back to the original light pink after the shrub is overgrown and trimmed. Use the design tool to change it back.
-The staircases are CC and not animated -- which turned out to be a good thing because it sped up the Sims movement around the house considerably.
-The wood stove in the great room is on a diagonal and Sims can't light the fire.
-The lot uses breadfruit trees which will catch fire and always burn. Remove them or download a mod/fix. I use Cyjon's .

Overall the lot played well and Sims autonomously used all of the areas of the house. Favorites places were the swings, the TV in the breakfast nook, the piano in the living room and the telescope upstairs. It's a fun house with a lot of room for all of the various rewards, work benches, hobbies, sports and activities that the full Sims 2 game has.

Custom Content NOT Included:
-Modern Georgian Manor Set by phoenix_phaerie

Optional Buy Mode CC by me NOT Included:
-Summer Fun Playset (Tower, swing & spring rider) - MTS Link
-Hanging Exerto Punching Bag - MTS Link
-AL Socialite Sofa Recolors (Blue, tan and medium wood) - MTS Link

Custom Content Included (in a separate folder):
-Wallpaperable Stair Walls 2 and 3 by Inge Jones (You should go get the full set.)
-Winding Stairs, AC and AW by Inge Jones (You should go get the matching fence.)
-Gable Vent, Country Round by Kate (TOU requires a generic Parsimonious link also)
-Invisible Drive Way by Sims2you7 (aka Frillen 7) - Dead Site
-Shrub, Pyramid Topiary by Maxoid Monkey - Dead Site
By me:
-Winders AC and AW Staircase Recolors - Medium Wood (for this build not uploaded anywhere else)
-Inge's Stairwalls Recolor - Medium Wood (for this build not uploaded anywhere else)

-Shrub, Oval Topiary (see pic) | Build Mode/Shrubs $150 | Faces: 796 Vertices: 997 (for this build not uploaded anywhere else)
-Clapboard Siding, Wheat (left, right and center) - MTS Link
-Gingham Shingham Walls, Country Green and Caramel - MTS Link
-Patio & Garden Set: Hibiscus flower, no-slots ground cover and no-slots plant Masters & Slaves - MTS Link
-Shrub, Creeping Phlox and Recolor - Link
-Roof, Darker Slate-White Trim - MTS Link

Lot Size: 4x6
Lot Price (furnished): 124,839

Additional Credits:
SimPE, Photoshop, Milkshape, Maxis for their meshes and textures and a belated thanks to Mootilda who was an absolute gem to help me with this house years ago and is sorely missed.