The Astronomy Mod - Find more Stars/Planets + Get Random Money + And more!

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Uploaded: 12th Aug 2018 at 2:18 AM
I've been looking through the forums, more specifically on the WCIF section, to maybe find a new idea for a mod, and then someone(name on the credits) bringed the idea for a mod where you can get random money from finding a star or a planet, and the chance of it happens were based on the sim's logic skill.
So, i took the challenge, and now i introduce to you, the mod i called The Astronomy Mod !

What it does?

This mod makes Astronomy more fun and dynamic, by:

Allowing you to find more stars and planets
Make you get random money from finding a star or a planet, instead of just $500
And makes the chance of finding a star or a planet be based on the sim's logic skill hability!

So, it provides more dynamism to it!

How it works?

Basically when your sim uses a telescope there's a random chance of he find a star or a planet(depending on the action), and your sim gets a certain random amount of cash from finding it, being it low or high depending on the find! And the much logic skill your sim gain, more chance he will have to find more stars and planets!

Do i have to install all the 3 .packages?

No, you must select just one of them, each package has a specific function and overrides the same resources! So, you can just have only one installed to not cause conflict! Here how they works:
Package NameFunction Description
Severino_UnlimitedS&POnly.packageIt only adds the possibilty of finding more stars and planets! But with the same $500 reward!
Severino_UnlimitedS&P+RandomMoneyOnly.packageIt adds the possibilty of finding more stars and planets. And makes your sim get random rewards from find them! But still with the default game chance of find one!
Severino_UnlimitedS&P+RandomMoney+LogicSkillChanceBased.packageThe full pack! Allows you to find more stars and planets, with a random reward from finding them and with the chance of finding them based on your sim's logic skill!

Cool, but i want to change the amount of cash they get. How do i do that?

You'll need SimPE and the package that has the resource "Tuning - Money (Min/ Max)" implemented on it.
Once you have both, open the .package using SimPE, then go to Behaviour Constant(BCON), there will be a file called Tuning - Money (Min/ Max), click on it, and then click on Plugin View(If you can't see Plugin View, then click on Window >> Plugin View, it should be visible now), you'll see 4 variables, each of them holds an specific function:

The First One holds the minimum money your sim can get from finding a Planet.
The Second One holds the maximum money your sim can get from finding a Planet.
The Third One holds the minimum money your sim can get from finding a Star.
The Forth One holds the maximum money your sim can get from finding a Star.

Here's a image explaining the process:

After you have done all the changes you wanted, just click on Commit File button to save it! :P

Resources used

Here it is a table with all the details of the used resources:

Resource NameTypeGroupInstance(high)Instance
Sub - Stars Thought BalloonsBehaviour Function(BHAV)0x7FFEA6640x000000000x0000202E
Sub - Planets Thought BalloonsBehaviour Function(BHAV)0x7FFEA6640x000000000x00002014
Dialog prim string setText Lists(STR#)0x7F5CBE110x000000000x0000012D
Dialog prim string setText Lists(STR#)0x7FA46DBF0x000000000x0000012D
Tuning - Money (Min/ Max)Behaviour Constant(BCON)0x7FFEA6640x000000000x0000201A
Tuning - Money (Min/ Max)Behaviour Constant Labels(TRCN)0x7FFEA6640x000000000x0000201A


This game may cause conflicts if there's a mod that overrides one of the functions below mentioned, but i haven't found any mod that may cause a conflict to it!

Also, a conflict may happens if you install all the 3 packages instead of 1, as i mentioned before.


No bugs found so far! If you find any, please tell me!

Enjoy the mod!

Additional Credits:
Goldenbtrfly for the idea! Thanks! :D SimPE My sim character that got abducted over 3 times during the tests!