[No CC] [Twinbrook] 02 Art and Love Household

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Buddy Bailey, more than anything else, is a painter. He loves it with all that he is, but he just can't seem to get by on an artist's wage.
Buddy doesn't mean any harm, he just wants to create art! He's got some pretty decent artistic skills, but he's just not good enough to make a living off of them... yet!
Gala believes that just because she's finally done with school, it doesn't mean the party has to end!
However with a new job starting soon, It might be time for her to start un-tagging a few pictures on her social networking sites!
Ricky Bailey is Buddy's brother, though many would not believe it. How can they be so different?
Coming from Bridgeport to pay a visit, will Ricky's stay be just a visit or will he find something to hold him here?
Will this pair of friends be able to figure out how to live the lifestyle they love, and be able to pay the mortgage?

Twinbrook is one of my favorites simtown. I was trying to do a rotational gameplay, but sims 3 is really difficult to play. It lags and freezes all the time. I decided then to recreate Twinbrook in Sims 4. I started with the Art & Love Household and their house. I'm slowly building it, i'll be posting the families also and i already have both the Art and Love Household, the Bakers household e their house too.
I know that its not 100% accurate, because sims 4 works differently than sims 3, but i tried to remake it as close as i could. I hope you guys will enjoy playing with the Twinbrook citizens and their houses too!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to EA Games for the original Sims 3 Art and Love Household.
Thanks to EA Games for the original Sims 3 Ricky Bailey.