Compatible with Patch v1.91.205 - September 13th, 2022: Helen912s Mental Therapist Career

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Hi Guys,


My career' s compatible compatible compatible, running with Patch v1.91.205 - September 13th, 2022!!!

Hello, dear Simmer fellows,

My Career is compatible with the latest patch.

So, translations so far:
- GERMAN (by me): You can only get it on my Patreon as a Patron!
- Chinese by yuanchilli

Any volunteers for other language translations? I'd be happy, just contact me over here or on my Patreon:
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Just download it and have fun.

Remade with help Zerbu's Mod Constructor - Multiple Tracks, Rabbit Hole[/B], German translation as always. Sorry for being that late again, but I still struggle with health, have much more work than before, and I really try to search for translators while translating myself for many people ... Okay, I promise to work on my punctuality.

I wish you a lovely time - and I know it can be, although times are strange and not really enlightening nowadays: When life gets you down with war and loss, with sickness and death, with injustice and crime, sometimes a game is a godsend that can distract you for at least a short time. This can be the difference between life and death, no shit!

The Career you DL is

The Mental Therapist Career

This is a Rabbit Hole Career (your Sim disappears when going to work and comes back when finished, without carrots in mouth, nor dirt on clothes, but they call it a Rabbit Hole). In my game, the career runs fine now. If any issues, contact me.

PN me if any problems occur concerning my career - a "Last Exception report" or even "Better Exception Report" is warmly welcomed.

It is a career similar to a therapist's career, but as well as to a psychologist, or mental Coach, or a study job combined with nonsense; it is a mixture of all of it, fitting to the demands of Sims, not human beings, built with a little twinkling eye. It has 6 main levels, after which you have the choice to join one of 3 further careers with further 4 levels.

So let's go into detail if you like:

The Theoretical Therapist
In the beginning, you study people before you treat real people. It is necessary to learn how people can feel, how the brain works - roughly - and how to teach patients without annoying or boring them. You read a lot, and you get to know all about the famous 'Mens sano in corpore sane.' You learn about speech, your body, and the needs it has. You may make some hypotheses on human behavior, but you are not allowed yet to prove them. So, be aware of headaches and long nights.

You take care of and cure people by regarding their state of mind, their wellness, and their physical fitness altogether.
Within 6 Levels, your Sim is led from a complete layman to a knowing student of all simlish behavior, thoughts, intentions, and needs. There's a lot to learn and not too much earning, and you need more than just one ability to get promoted.
The single steps as Theoretical Therapist are:

(1) Basic Empath: You are a beginner studying the theory.
You take care of and cure people by regarding their state of mind, their wellness, and their physical fitness altogether.
How to be a Basic Empath: not too easy, it seems. If you are no Vampire, you have to learn hard how to open a Sim's Heart and really understand what he or she means. You learn techniques of asking and interviewing, and you learn how to feel with somebody without regard or breaking down yourself.

This is the challenge before you may become a (2) Memory-Trainer:
[QUOTE]How can I train a brain? Tricky Thing, because a brain has nobody on its own, except for the Sim's body, of course. But you help Sims to use their brains as if they had muscles like a top star bodybuilder. So at first sight: Train your own brain, that might help.

until you are ready to become a (3) Didactic Beginner: About Teaching and Learning
Here it comes to all about Teaching and Learning. You learn how to learn, afterward how to teach, followed by forgetting about all you learned to get some exercise with other Didactic Beginners who at the same time give you friendly, but determined feedback. In the end, you turn back to your studies and write a book about new methods that do not work.

After all that you will be promoted to become a
(4) Freudian Researcher: About psychology and why it does not always work
Psychology and why it sometimes might make you feel quite ashamed, is one of the greatest Secrets of Science. Sims feel ashamed relatively fast, but Einstein had his theory concerning this. And Sigmund, who started off with all that stuff, might have been the one to feel ashamed most of all - but did he? You will know soon when learning all about bad feelings and how to struggle them down. (Good luck with that!)

develop to a (5) Linguistic Candidate:
Where does speech come from? And where does it go in case of speechlessness? Can you hold a talk with empty hands? Is there a sense in all those confusing empty words? What are words anyway? Just about 800 books to read, and you can answer all these questions. Almost.

finally becoming a (6) Theoretical Therapist:
Prepare yourself for all essentials: You are not theoretically a Therapist, but you are a Theoretical Therapist now. Which seems to be nearly the same, but never mind. You earn good money now and do not work too much - but do you want to stay here all your life? After having worked with theories and mountains of books, you might dream of sth. more ... practical!

But most of all Theoretical Therapists want to go on, to learn more: they specialize in further careers. And they do have very interesting choices between the three branches Health Saviour, Mental Coach, and Master of Mental Health.

a) The Health Saviour: Health as the Basis of all
As a Health Savior, you need to learn all about medicines and pills, and suppositories. For the first time being. Being followed by tough training to end up as a Herbalist. (nature knows many answers.) And after your head burst, you will be driven through the hardest physical education training program ever. (We really mean!) And after all, if you chose this career branch, you will be a profound genuine mental and physical health therapist. You will earn more money than before and be a true role model for your patients.
The Health Saviour does not only train the client's body but also discusses all contexts between body and soul. They know why you bow or why you frown, and they teach you to read your own body. Which is very surprising sometimes!

So at first, you will be a (7) Pharmaceutical Slave:
Pills 'n drugs 'n diarrhea - your Job is getting to know pills, how they are made, how they work, what damages they cause, and how to get enormously rich by ill Sims and keeping them sick. Followed by an ethics course where you discover moral and really mad Sims.

Okay, become a (8) Herbal Witch/ Herbal Wizard:
So it's rather Pills 'n drugs 'n herbs & Co. making Sims feel better, that's why you learn how to brew and use herbals. Which is fun most of the time, especially when trying out the herbals yourself. You should never give anything to a Sim you have not experienced on your own!

Develop into a (9) Physical Trainer:
Sweat and aching muscles - after such a long time of theory and stuff, you might have forgotten how to move your body! Get yourself into shape, run around the clock, erm, block, and drive your body where your brain already is! And after that just do the same on your patients. And just en passant, you still level up in other skills.

(10) Health Saviour:
You look like a flourishing life. You know all about chemistry and biology, you are empathic but demanding. Your clients love you and also work on their own minds through their bodies. It sounds weird but works out like a Workout. "Early a potion and training when rise makes the Sim healthy, and you wealthy and wise."

b) The Mental Coach: Simply knowing about language, speech, and the fine art of singing and vocal modulation
You use language like a sorcerer: you look through the outward appearance of people as if you were looking through the air, discovering all their true intentions, their deepest desires, and their darkest dreams. You know how to enchant with words, how to be entranced by the power of the voice. Like the mentalist, you instantly notice when somebody's lying to you, and you could drive people to anything - which of course you can keep! Because you use your power only for the bright side - right?

This Career differs totally from the one above: the Mental Coach teaches you all about your voice and articulation, what it expresses, and how to use it in a smart way. The voice as the audible mirror of the soul, shows all your feelings fast and precisely to an attentive listener: it trembles when you are sad, it is full of energy when you are angry, it creaks when you are tired. To be master of your voice and speech means being the master of the situation!

Here you start with the following step:
(7) Linguistic Assistant: Phonetics, Phonology, Grammar and Semantics
Phonetics, Phonology, Grammar, and Semantics - nothing can make you stumble with speech. You know what speech sounds like and how actually it should sound like - which is enormously different; you never lose the sense of your sentences, no matter how long these ever might be. You make Sims feel ashamed just by even only nodding to them. Speech is not only words - and you KNOW that.

Continue as a (8) Therapist in the Psychological Emergency Outpatient Clinic:
There is somebody in need - TALK to him. Your task is to make Sims who are highly frustrated, depressive, exhausted, upset, or all together, stand up smiling again and leave the crowded ambulance, make them turn home and talk to their friends about their lives and problems (and if they don't have any then find some) (friends, please do not find problems - this is why it is so important to have someone like you to make it all sure).

Nearly there: (9) Articulation Acrobat (AA):
You juggle words and weave a net with your voice. Aliterations are your armors, rap is your music, and no single letter will be missed in your accurately completed articulation. You seem a bit elven, and nobody can find out why. This - makes you mighty! You can barely hide your satisfaction after all the stress and the oral motor exercises you have been going through.

But still, you can climb one step further up your Career ladder:
(10) Doctor of Rhetoric, Mental Coach:
If the Queen needs to hold a speech, she will count on YOU! You have written several books about speech and how to abuse it; Clients wait years for your help and pay good money for it. Well done!
As a studied Doctor, you feel rather automatically confident. You know all about speech, rhetoric, phonetics (how a Sim does speak out a word), and phonology (how a Sim should speak out that word). People come from all over the world to ask you questions about how to hold their talks, and so on.

Finally, you could also be
c) Master of Mental Health: You are the Alpha and the Omega of Mental Health and Psychology.
The Education to the Master of Mental Health (Dr.Phil.rer.nat.psych.) was voted the most difficult but lucrative education of all time by Sim City Magazine in January 2020again!. There is almost nothing you can not learn there. And in the end, your neighbor with his sports car will be jealous of your yacht. You could work at universities or for an older millionaire. In short, you are very close to God. And yet, because you have been educated on empathy and wisdom, you remain humble and spend most of your reward. You just do not leave your armchair anymore. Only if you want.

Go through the following career steps:

(7) Wellness Assistant:
Balance within body and mind is your credo. You convince Sims that there is much more than money - or the lack of it, food - or the lack of it, or love - or the lack of it. There is a world inside of you, as well as on the outside, and you take your clients on a journey through it. And by the way, you like sauna, massages, and yoga yourself. You feel fine.

You probably will regret to be promoted to a (8) Heart Plumber:
Grab a couch, park your patient's hips on the sitting device, and let him talk. All you do is listen and make some notes and smart comments. Yes, the answers already are within the Sim - just let them show up. Carefully with empathy!

become (9) Doctor of Neurology and Psychiatry
Now, learn the high art of nerve cell study and the analysis of human abysses. You can really draw all conclusions from body and mind on a microbiological level. Your Clients are deeply impressed by all you say and do; which should remind you of your big responsibility again. You love pharmacy and adore sleeping pills you take yourself, but only to suppress your holy joy not to make the clients even more depressive. You may do tricky operations on the brain while joking with the patient (at the same time), and sometimes you just do not understand normal people anymore (for there is no real classifying them - thank God there is nearly none of them in the world population).
You have a doctorate now. You now teach young doctors and younger therapists all about nerve cells and psychiatric illnesses. People might think that you are lazy, but we know the cost of reaching this level.

And finally, if you got all over this, you might finish up your Career as a:

(10)Master of Mental Health: Dr.phil.rer.nat.psych. Master of Mental Health:
This is it. Your name and titles now are longer than the summary on a deodorant. Your fees look like other ones' social security numbers. You look decadently rich, happy, and unrepentant. Maybe also unscrupulously dangerous - take care! The line between charity and corruption is incredibly narrow …
Money and free time are as much as you have ever dreamed of, you will be very satisfied with going to work.

I hope it all works out well, so you shall have fun. Good luck!

Promoting Cheat
I had to try several times, and this is what did work out:
1) Make sure you have the testingcheats on.
2) careers.promote MentalTherapist

Additional Credits

Big thanks to:
Zerbu's Mod Maker Tool, can be downloaded here: Zerbu' Mod Constructor (I will use it from now on constantly just because Zerbu always updates this tool. Zerbu, this is what I love you for!
kisakijro's Tutorial of how to work with Zerbu's Mod Constructor, Part 1 (It has 5 parts, one leads to the next)

I also want to say thanks to all the people who support people like me by creating tutorials and answering questions - these in special on Discord: I am so glad that you all do exist!