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helene912: The Preacher Career runs with Patch v1.91.205 - September 13th, 2022 - but does it run further? Searching for testers

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2022 at 4:07 PM
Updated: 2nd Mar 2023 at 8:58 PM
Hey folks,

Welcome to my new career built with version 1.88 213, and also running with the last Patch v1.91.205 - September 13th, 2022. But I need to know if this career also runs with the latest patches. So:
I know the career itself is okay. I just need to know if in YOUR GAME the translations work - or are they somehow mixed up (especially German and English)? I'd be very grateful for help.

The Preacher is available in
- English,
- Chinese by chyanchilli,
- German (by me), and:
- French by Mrs Merle !!! (Thank you so much!!)

This Career is about money, yes, about the catching and the bling, bling. But why? Well, first, money makes the world go round, second, money somehow seems to be connected to time and space, third, just a few people own most of the money existing while ruling the world (in an awful way), and fourth, most of the world population seems not to have enough of it, still, they're sharing it in a magical way that the rich ones simply cannot afford learning. Enough reason to think about money, I thought.

But a preacher??? Well: This career is not about real preachers who want to teach others how to get best along with God and the world. This career is about those who want MONEY, those dodgers, pretenders, cheaters, and betrayals, and to cut a long story short: about those poor people who do not want to be poor anymore. So, do not take it all too seriously here. I love to make fun of things, and so I did here, too.

But let me say some things about this career in addition:

You can play through it just like that.

But if you download the MCCC, which is the Mc Command Center, a mod, then the dynasty founder can marry multiple women (or men), which should really fuel the fun. The thing is a bit clunky at first, you have to work your way through it, but there is no other mod that is more rewarding than that one.

You don't have to do anything that's in the texts, of course. But IF you do, it's more fun! The hermit SHOULD travel and not stubbornly squat on his property.

Unfortunately, many texts that I have written with the mod Constructor V4 do not appear in the game. I have no idea why. But who likes to, can get these texts additionally, I put them in the comments - otherwise maybe one or the other is not properly understood, regrettably. I'll have to ask on Zerbus Discord why that is.

The founder of the cult should really live together with his "disciples". With 8 people in the household, however, this will be a meager community ... Also there the MCCC can help, there you can neatly nest people on the property by command. Is not a must, works also just like that, but I just wanted to mention it.

The same applies to clubs.

The fanatic can be easily played through like all careers/ professions. But if you want to give your sim a neurotic look according to the texts, trait mods will help. KiaraSims4 has millions of them. At least that's how it feels. They all run and she updates regularly. The same goes for the MCCC. But you can take other traits too, there are so many gifted modders!

Okay, you will see what I mean when you get the Preacher Career. Anyway, I had fun like crazy and I hope it's the same for you! Sul Sul!

Additional Credits
Thank you veeery much to

- Zerbu for constructing his Mod constructor - and for always updating it reliably.
- Python,
- s4pe
- The Translators!!! You are incredible, folks!!!

I also want to say thanks to all the people who support people like me by creating tutorials and answering questions - these in special on MTS: I am so glad that you all do exist!