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Splatoon Inkling & Octoling Fangs (Teen-Elder)

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2018 at 8:31 PM
Do you like Splatoon? Do you wish there was Splatoon themed custom content in the Sims 4? Well, here it is!

The fangs of the Inklings and Octolings for your Sims! The Inkling's teeth is the one with the lower fang in the middle. The Octoling has one sharp tooth on top and one on bottom, on opposite sides of the mouth. They are for both genders, Teen-Elder.

Polygon Counts:
Inkling Teeth: 256
Octoling Teeth: 256

Additional Credits:
RemusSirion for the skins.
KatVerseCC for the CAS backdrop.