The Rowan Hill Manor - Now and Then

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The Rowan Hill Manor - Now and Then

Once upon a time on a hill there stood a strong, proud mansion. It was home for a prosperous dynasty who took great care to embellish and improve it generation by generation. You know how the story goes, adventures, marriages, pompous feasts. But sadly, this is a story without happy ending. The feasts became less and less frequent, the family members scattered over all Sims Nations and the few who remained didn't take good care of the house. In fact, they sold pieces and parts and rumours spread that the good has left them. Now the house stands solitary and solemn on the hill, in silent decay. Will you listen to its story?

Floorplan, exterior and interior of The Rowan Hill Ruins

Floorplan, exterior and interior of The Rowan Hill Manor

Basic information
The Rowan Hill ManorThe Rowan Hill Ruins
Furnished price - 238 156Furnished price - 198 624
Unfurnished price - 145 358Unfurnished price - 140 714
Lot size - 30 x 30Lot size - 30 x 30


You will need WA and Supernatural
No CC no Stuff packs no Store content
*built with game version : 1.67.2

Things to note about The Rowan Hill
In this post we offer you two separate downloads - as shown in the presentation above, one file is the manor before it became the ruin which can be found in the second file. Please pick the one you like or take both - The choice is yours

Additional credits
We would like to send our thanks to the awesome creators of the following mods:
Decorator's Best Friend by misukisu:
NRaas Debug Enabler:
Velocitygrass' stencil remover:

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 238 156/198 624
Lot Price (unfurnished): 145 358/140 714