[GAME FIX] Pets can find Pet Stuff on other Floors

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Uploaded: 13th Feb 2019 at 9:45 PM
Updated: 1st Aug 2019 at 3:12 PM - Tested in
Mod Type
This mod is an XML Tuning that changes the files mentioned in the Conflicts Section (see bottom).

UPDATE This Mod has been confirmed to work with the 16th July 2019 Patch, but it should work with any patch since the release of the Cats and Dogs pack.

This probably went over MANY heads.

As described in this Bug Report, there has always been a bug that does not let pets detect stuff on other floors other than they are currently on.
By stuff I mean everything from Pet Bowls to Litter Boxes.

This comes with a bad outcome when your pet really needs to alleviate their basic needs, usually leading to hunger and bladder issues. And I know you don't want your pet to experience those.

You probably haven't noticed this because (most probably) the pet went to the floor for a totally different reason, like follow around a Sim, or sniffing/investigating an object (also stated in the Bug Report above), thus reaching the same floor as the Litter Box or Pet Bowl, and then using it. This happens to both Cats and Dogs. If the pet doesn't do any of the preposed actions, they may find themselves stuck on a floor in a smelly puddle or starving, all of this while begging for help, despite the solution being right above (or below) them.

Personally, I found it very annoying. Since the Bug Report needed Me Too's, which it did not get, I decided to no longer wait for a proper fix and try it myself. And oh boy have I succeeded.

Mod Function
After being installed, your pets will be able to autonomously solve their needs properly if you provide them the required items (anywhere on the active lot).

The Download is a simple .package that needs to be put in your Mods folder (or a Subfolder of the Mods folder - a SINGLE subfolder).

Being an XML Override, this Mod conflicts with any mod that changes the following files: