For The Horde Career Path

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As this started out as a personal career option for my main World of Warcraft Sims (Nathanos + Sylvanas) the pay isn't fantastic as the main idea was more of an RP vibe than a means of income with RP objectives to suit the current level and to get the promotion to the next rank
Example - Scout needs Fitness 1 (to stay on the move), Painting 1 (to map out camps), Cooking 3 (to stay healthy on the mission), Logic 2 (to decide the safest path), Charisma 1 (to charm locals)

Works with Game Version

Note: The Base Game .zip version has a slight variant on the Warchief Ranks descriptions and objectives required to level up. If you have Get To Work, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat + Spa Day i would recommend you download the 2nd .zip as it has a slightly more RP vibe in the text than the Base Game version.

For The Horde Career has 9 Ranks:
"The Horde is in need of fresh meat for its patrols in both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, do you think you have what it takes to serve and protect? Will you rise the ranks and be the savior of the people or will you be the next meal for a roaming murloc?"

-Scout - MTWTF-- $600pd

-Grunt - MTWTF-- $600pd

-Sergeant - MTWTFS- $600pd

-First Sergeant - MTWTF-- $640pd

-Stone Guard - MT-TF-S $950pd

-Blood Guard - -T-TFSS $1050pd

-Legionnaire - MT--FSS $1150pd

-Centurion - MTWTF-- $1260pd

-Champion - MT-TFS- $1640pd

By Reaching Champion Rank you unlock two branches (as shown in the images)
Warchief and Champion of Azeroth. The Warchief rank is a lot shorter to finish and has longer days but they both end with the same salary per day so the choice is yours! Each Rank of Champion has a little description relating to the corresponding expansion of the games title as well.

Warchief Ranks:
"You've become Champion of the Horde but you want to experience War Room politics more than battlefield bloodshed? Then look no further than the path to Warchief! Many have held this title, all will eventually lose it.. Do you have what it takes to climb the ranks and lead the Horde?

-Lieutenant General - MT--F-- $1935pd

-General - M---FSS $2300pd

-Warlord - --WTFSS $2640pd

-High Warlord - M-WT--S $3800pd

-Warchief - MTWTFS- $4500pd

Champion of Azeroth Ranks:
"Champion of the Horde is fine but Azeroth is a big place with many more people to impress. Do you have what it takes to win, woo and torture your way to global recognition? if so, this is the path for you!"

-Champion of the Eastern Kingdoms - MTWT-S- $1600pd

-Champion of Kalimdor - MTWTF-- $1600pd

-Champion of Outland - M-WT--S $1680pd

-Champion of Northrend - MT--F-S $1760pd

-Champion of Pandaria - MTW-F-S $1960pd

-Champion of Draenor - -TWT-SS $2250pd

-Champion of the Broken Shore - -TWT--S $2415pd

-Champion of Zandalar - MTWTF-- $3200pd

-Champion of Azeroth - M-WT--S $4500pd

Fancy going on the blue team? Then the Alliance career path is for you!

Just download and unzip the version you want and drag all 3 files into your mod folder and away you go (the zips include Neia's Career Package, so if you download this and my Alliance Career, you only need one version of the Neia_Careers_Commons.Package so it is safe to delete the duplicate!)

For more Warcraft content just click Here! to see what is on available. Do check back as more stuff is slowly added! Any recommendations are welcome as well!

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