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Coral Cruiser (No CC)

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Uploaded: 3rd Jun 2019 at 8:45 PM
Hi everyone! Well with summer upon us I decided to create a new lot for everyone in the tropical regions of the game to enjoy. This nice large houseboat is the Coral Cruiser, a three bedroom and two bathroom boat that can accommodate up to five Sims! The boat has an open floor plan lower deck comprised of a living area, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. The second floor features the master bedroom, master bathroom, and two small extra bedrooms that can accommodate kids or guests. The third floor leads to the steering controls as well as a large open top deck with a grill, bar, and loungers to enjoy the ocean breeze and take in the views. I also added a series of display shelves to the top room for your Sims to display any ocean treasures they may find on their journeys!

I hope you all enjoy this fun little houseboat! It's the perfect home for Sims who love the seas and adventuring around the islands! Happy Simming!

Lot Size: 10x14
Lot Price (furnished): $80,074
Lot Price (unfurnished): $39,785