The Lancaster's Residence

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From my view of things, the Landcaster’s were an odd bunch. Like, who in their right mind likes antique furniture in the 21st century and searches high and low for the oldest and ugliest furniture they can possibly find? Well, not me, but the Lancaster’s, OF COURSE!

They were a well-to-do family, but only God knows what they did for a living. Every time I saw them, little Edward and Margaret (I think those were their names!) were happily playing ball with their Scottie and big Edward—He was working on his beat up, old car, daily. Esmeralda preferred the garden and drinking tea with the neighbors. She frequently had people over, presumably to gossip. I know more than once, guests would stay the night. I still have no clue who they were. . .

This seemingly perfect family crumbled, when on one, sunny afternoon, big Edward died. I was genuinely concerned that beat up old car of his would one day crush his torso. However, nobody and I mean nobody got an explanation, but it obviously wasn’t that. I didn’t see anything odd that day through my window.

Esmeralda insisted not to have a funeral. Why? She has more than enough to pay for it.

For the next year, Esmeralda raised her two children on her own. The kids didn’t attend school like they used to. I suspect this was because Esmeralda began homeschooling them. She seemed to have less and less time in the garden. The one thing that did stay the same was the frequent guest visits and stays. One neighbor told me that he didn’t see any of her guests make it out of the house, one night. ‘What do you mean they didn’t make it out of the house?!’ ‘Why, the only things that I saw hopping down the steps were four little toads.’ ‘Clearly, you had too much to drink because you’re not making any sense!’

Two weeks after the anniversary of Edward Lancaster’s death, Esmeralda and her two, little children went missing without a trace. Their little Scottish terrier was barking like mad for hours upon hours, so I knew it was time for me to get involved. Something is seriously wrong with Esmeralda, I thought.

To this day, I wonder whatever happened with the Lancaster’s.


The Lancaster's residence is my take on a Traditional Second Empire Victorian home. It has beautiful flower beds that wrap around the front and sides of the house. The gazebo is a nice place to enjoy the outdoors and perhaps enjoy a game of chess. A small private area sits behind it, where we have the dog house. This is where the Lancaster kids used to play with their beloved Scottish Terrier. Inside the garage is where Edward Lancaster worked on his car. On the inside there's a nice living area, library, dining, three bedrooms, formerly occupied by widowed Esmeralda Lancaster and her two children, Edward Lancaster II and Margaret, as well as a guest bedroom (4 total!). There are three bathrooms and one suited for the master bedroom. On the tippy top floor, there's a dog room, a movie theater, a small play area (this could be used as a nursery or any other thing) and the "mystery room" Here, you can gather what happened to the Lancasters and find out at least one of them had a little bit of a secret.

Like all my builds, this lot contains no CC/third party content.

I do use some store content, however, so it's recommended you have the following items or they will be replaced with items you do have.

Classically Cool Fixer-Upper Car

Victorian Double Window

Window of All Knowing

Stones Throw Greenhouse: Market Fresh Awning

Le Cinema Plumbob: Theater Seating

Wood Fire Oven

Royal Pavilion

Gothique Clock

Gothique Skull Chest

Animal Friends Girl's End Table

Commissioned By Kings

Remember The Roar Wall Art

Lady Ravendancer Goth Book O' Spells

Superlative Sofa

In The Park by Awalck

Reynard The Raven

Shrub of Tranquility

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