Kiss From A Rose

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Uploaded 17th Jul 2020 at 5:52 PM

Hello, everyone! I am back, again, with another Sims 3 residential lot. Hurrah!

Kiss From A Rose is a delicate three bedroom and three bathroom Victorian cottage decorated on the inside with shabby chic decor. This residential lot has nice curb appeal with it's beautiful landscaped yard and wrap around porch. The porch has a nice seating area to chat with friends or read the newspaper. There's a nice stone pathway that leads to the picket fenced backyard, which has plenty of space for more activities, but for now includes a swing and a bench beneath the tree. As I've said before, I've decorated the inside with shabby chic decor. For this design I've picked delicate hues of mostly pinks and blues and a variety of floral patterns that are easy on the eyes. Rooms include the living, study, kitchen, three bedrooms and three private bathrooms. Each bedroom is currently designed for an adult, but the floral patterns and addition of the cribs in the bedrooms upstairs as well as the high chair in the kitchen will make an easy transition to a family home. The rooms are big enough to add toys and games for kids to play with and you can even make it more so by replacing the double beds if you so choose.

Patch: 1.67

All in all, I hope you guys will enjoy this home and appreciate the shabby chic decor. I've noticed upon looking at the content here that shabby chic isn't featured much at all. I hope my little home will remedy some of that. Below, I've listed the official sims 3 store content I've used in this creation. It is recommended you have the items below or they will be replaced by something you do own, since the content is not included with the download. No third party CC content was used.
Apologies for using so much store content. It's a bit of a habit of mine, I'll admit. I just chose the items I thought had a cute vintage look and a lot of them just so happen to come from the store.

Midnight Hollow
Narrow Barbed Gable
Wide Traditional Gable
Funhouse Roof Decor
Pretty Porch Fencing

Note: While it is recommended you have these items, the home will still look cute without the roof pieces if you don't own this world and the fencing can be replaced with other expansion pack (supernatural) fencing.

Aurora Skies
Kiddieview Window Plus Plus
Kiddieview Window Plus
Minstatl Dorf Sectional Sofa

Note: I recommend this world mainly for the windows, which I've used 'moveobjects on' for the front of the house. The sectional sofa had these cute little pillows and I couldn't resist.

Tis The Season For Gift Giving!
Little Miss Swiss D?cor Doll

Note: This set is FREE from The Sims 3 Store

The Now & Then Century Manor
Spider Web Work 1
Spider Web Work 3

Note: These decorative spiderwebs helped make the home appear more vintage, but they're not necessary if you don't own the manor.

Grandpa's Grove
Hodgepodge Frames
Country Charm Bookshelf
Jar O' Flowers

Bohemian Dress

Note:A Pattern from this dress was used in the the downstairs bedroom and bathroom. If you don't own, the pattern will be black and you'll have to replace the pattern with something different.

Edwardian Expression Kitchen- Felicity Cultivator Refridgerator
Higher Tech Apron Rack
Country Carved Tableware Cabinet
The Don Pedro Bookshelf
Romantique Double Bed
Haute Hacienda Kitchen- Old Town Oven
Foyer Frills
Palm Light
Open Wide Bunny Trash Can
Bridal Bouquet
Taft Jug with Flowers

Lot Size: 25x25
Lot Price (furnished): 117,970
Lot Price (unfurnished): 50,683