The Landgraab Estate (Get Together) - 5 BR, 5 BA

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2019 at 1:36 AM
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The Landgraab Estate, AKA 10 Summer Hill Court, is the massive home of the Landgraab Family from The Sims 3. This is that same home built specifically for Willow Creek for The Sims 4!

Over three-and-a-half years ago I uploaded a Sims 4 base-game-only replica of this exact home to ModTheSims. It's funny to me that that's what used to pass for "good" for me back in 2015. I looked at it recently and was thinking "This looks terrible! I need to fix this!" So that's what I did! It was actually a little challenging to fix this home because of all the small errors I made in the building, especially with the roofing! I hated roofing back then and took the easy way out by just dragging huge pieces across the top of every build - now I am a little more skilled in that area and know how and where to place each individual piece of roofing. It's now one of my favorite things to do! As a result of the new roof, the third floor is completely usable and contains two large bedrooms (currently used as storage-like areas) and a bathroom. I didn't include close-up pictures of these rooms because they're pretty boring looking, but they're in the overhead view!

(Update: As I was just going on and on about how I am "more skilled" at roofing, I now notice there seems to be a small chunk missing from the roof in the back of the house, haha. I am not sure if this is the case with the actual downloadable house or if it accidentally just got deleted when I was taking screenshots, but if it's the former then this is an easy fix; just copy and paste one of the other roof chunks in that spot. Ugh. Now I can't stop looking at my little error! haha. That's kind of funny.)

The house is very similar to its Sims 3 counterpart when it comes to the floor plan and general "feel" of the house. The only differences are the change of wallpaper in some of the rooms, including the foyer, and the addition of a full third floor. I also decided to change the swatches of furniture and decor items to make the house flow a little better from room to room. Overall, I think this house does a good job of replicating the look of the Sims 3 version from a decade ago, while also bringing it into 2019 with some much needed aesthetic upgrades! The house uses base game and Get Together only. NO CC, and fully play-tested!


Five Bedrooms
Five Bathrooms (one en-suite)
Two-Story Foyer
Dining Room
Kitchen w Island
Breakfast Table
Large Living Area
Five Fireplaces
Multiple Decks
Large, Landscaped Yard

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 565,602
Lot Price (unfurnished): 170,566