Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod

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Uploaded: 29th Jun 2019 at 6:31 PM
Updated: 30th Sep 2022 at 12:07 PM

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Installation guide

Note: With the public version you can play only over LAN and the launcher requires no login!
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Supported versions:
  • Versions 0.25.1 and later only work with The Sims 4 v1.90 or later patches
  • Versions 0.23.1 and later only work with The Sims 4 v1.84 or later patches
  • Versions 0.6.1 and later only work with The Sims 4 v1.68.154.1020 or later patches
  • Versions 0.2.1 and later only work with The Sims 4 v1.54.120.1020 or later patches
  • Version 0.2.0 only works with The Sims 4 versions BEFORE v1.54.120.1020 (08/2019) patch

With The Sims 4 Multiplayer Mod, you can play The Sims 4 real-time over the network and “live together” with other players in the same household. See what the others are doing, interact with them, and have fun together!

What does this mod do?
  • This mod allows multiple players to play together with the same save file at the same time over the local network. It's a full script mod packaged with a server application that should be run on one of the PCs participating in the game.

  • There are currently no known conflicts with other mods. (It might conflict with other full script mods though.) Important thing is to have all players the same set of mods/EPs.

How to install

It is necessary to already have a save file with all the Sims created, the house should be built, and all the necessary items should be bought beforehand since currently only Live mode is supported, build & buy mode are in experimental phase. (features might work but there is no guarantee) It is also important to have a save with time paused.

One of the PCs will act as a server and should do the following additional steps:
1. Start the launcher
2. Host a game by selecting an already created save file
3. Start The Sims 4, load the save file and enter your household
4. You should see a notification verifying your game has successfully connected to the server.

The other PC will act as remote client and should do the following additional steps:
1. Start the launcher
2. Join a game by entering the IP address of the host player (displayed in the launcher on the host machine)
3. Start The Sims 4, load the save file and enter your household
4. You should see a notification verifying your game has successfully connected to the server.

At this point you are all set up, feel free to start the time and enjoy the multiplayer The Sims 4 experience! (please note that only the server’s player can control the time)

Is this mod based on other mods? Is it safe to play with the mod?
  • While there are broken multiplayer mods out there, this one is written from scratch and it yields no security vulnerabilities. (If you don't trust it, you can still disconnect your PCs from the internet while you play on LAN.) There are some people out there who claim this mod is based on existing code or has security issues, we've asked them many times to do a developer talk about it, never received any real arguments.

  • Changes in 0.26.1
- Lifestyles dialog is displayed correctly for all players
- Replacing a broken item is displayed correctly for all players
- Dust on the floor is properly removed for all players after cleaning
- Burnt surfaces are removed for all players after fixing it (e.g: lightning struck)
- Added First Fits Kit and Desert Luxe Kit to the launcher
  • Changes in 0.25.1
- Fixed exceptions occurring due to new patch
- Added installation guide tab to the launcher
- Added Chinese (simplified) language to launcher (by StephenVGOD)
- Sim profiles are displayed properly for all players
- End club gathering for clubs works for all players
- Setting club requirements works for all players
- Delete club works for all players
- Purchase dialog fixes (e.g.: buying farm animals etc.)
  • Changes in 0.24.1
- Support for club actions for all players (create, add member, remove member etc.)
- Club gatherings can be started by all players
- Club perks can be bought by all players
- Whims lock & refresh works for all players
- Opening inventory via sim actions now opens only on the right client (e.g.: via fridge)
- Support for High School Years expansion pack
- Revamped launcher settings UI
  • Changes in 0.23.1
- Fixed social events (broken in game patch 1.84)
- All players can edit the colors of items in buy mode
- All players can edit the scale of items in buy mode
- Photo mode now should only appear on the right client
- Light actions now work properly for all clients (color & intensity settings)
- Added support for the 3 new packs & kits to the launcher (Werewolves, Moonlight Chic Kit, Little Campers Kit)
- Minor launcher UI improvements
  • Changes in 0.22.0
- Pregnancy works properly
- Fixed adoption for both babies and pets
- Fixed aging up for babies
- Added support for Fashion Street Kit and Incheon Arrivals Kit
- Fixed kit ID for Industrial Loft Kit
- Bills Information dialog (including store/sell) works for all players
- End early for social events works for all players
- Fixed call over pet for all players
- Fixed cursor to indicate available interactions for non-adult sims
- Tooltips for inventories and items should work for all players
- General dialog handling improvements
- Added Decor to the Max kit support
  • Changes in 0.21.0
- Wicked Whims & Wonderful Whims mods are now fully supported
- Added support for latest expansion packs
- Fixed skewer icon functionality - the icon next to the sim portraits (go home, etc.)
- Purchase of gifts and books has been fixed for non-host players (via phone, book shelf etc.)
- Sim traits are now synced for all clients properly (e.g.: magic motes visibility)
- Improved the tracking of currently active sim on all clients to prevent dialogs/notifications appearing on the wrong client
- Added Italian language support to the launcher (thanks to Future Funk Superstar!)
- Plopsy now works for all players
- Dialog handling improvements for specific multi-picker dialogs
- Fixed infinite load on exit for host players
- Improved in-game notification when the game has connected after load
- Revamped & more detailed logging to improve the efficiency of catching bugs
- The new notebook feature works for all clients
- Zoomer delivery support for all clients
- Auto-solve needs (clicking on the bar) now works for all clients
- Festival information features now work for all clients (view in calendar & info signs, travel to festival buttons)
- Text input dialogs now work for all clients (rename things etc.)
- Fixed time freeze & auto-start during/after traveling
- Fixed issues with purchase picker dialogs introduced in the 1.77 patch
- Computer - Order menu should work properly
- Buying books from bookshelves should work properly
- Holiday & event editing now works for all players
  • Changes in 0.16.0
- The early access popup in the bottom is now dismissible
- Added Russian language support to the launcher (thanks to Zhiroslav)
- Fixed issue with dialogs appearing on the wrong client
- Work from home now works on all clients
- Boosted job offer call now works for all players
- Fixed issue when travel destination could only be selected by the host player
- Added support for Carnaval Streetwear Kit
  • Changes in 0.15.0
- Added support for Modern Menswear kit
- Fixed expansion pack auto-sync between players
- Non-host players can change aspirations for their sims
- Non-host players can buy items from the rewards store for satisfaction points
- Career-related dialogs now should appear on the proper client
- Join a career button now works for all players
- Go to work button now works for all players
- 3 new languages have been added to the launcher: German (by MindDevourer & DieserMerlin), French (by TheRexi), and Czech (by Graizy)
  • Changes in 0.14.0
- Added support for the latest kit (Blooming Rooms Kit)
- Fixed career-related dialogs (find a job & quit career – via phone, decision dialogs)
- Improved save selector dialog (Windows only at the moment, powered by Gibbed.Sims library by Rick)
- Spanish localization of the launcher (huge thanks to Dub5ty!)
  • Changes in 0.13.1
- Added support for latest kits & packs
- Fixed buy mode when objects are placed in basements
- Added possibility to sync expansion packs automatically between players (only those packs will be enabled that all players own)
- Added automatic game and mod version check to rooms
- Fixed automatic detection of the game installation path
- Fixed invalid documents path check (caused issues with the French version of the game)
- Added game version check to meet S4MP version requirements
- Renamed ’Game Connected’ to ’Game Loaded’ and added an explanation tooltip
  • Changes in 0.12.0
- Inventory fixes for dynamic items (such as a cup of coffee etc.)
- Inventory item dragging now should work as well after traveling
- Fixed incomplete game data issue occurring when expansion pack detection set to automatic
- Added support of latest packs to expansion pack selector
- Fixed automatic detection of the game installation path
  • Changes in 0.11.1
- Fixed the inventory item dragging issues
- Fixed the dialogs appearing on the wrong client
- Added a save resync button to the launcher
- Added expansion pack auto-detection to the launcher
  • Changes in 0.10.1
- Fixed time desync bug occurred after travel
- Fixed the bug when a dialog (phone, cook, etc.) appeared on the wrong client
- Inventories now should work properly (items dragging may still have issues)
- Time is paused after traveling until all clients have loaded the new area
- Discord Rich Presence support
- Dream Home Decorator pack support
  • Changes in 0.9.1
- Freely enable/disable expansion packs in the launcher settings
- Stability fixes to avoid dark screen after traveling
- Fixed the unresponsive cursor happening on remote clients after traveling
- Launcher/mod version is now displayed in the launcher
- Read the latest mod related news right in the launcher
  • Changes in 0.8.1
- Fixed the lagging issue between Windows and Mac clients
- Buy mode bugfixes (all clients can sell/remove objects now
- All players can control the time
- The game will automatically disconnect when exiting the game (no more freezes, no need for 'disconnect' command anymore)
- The launcher will enable third party content & script mods automatically for the game
  • Changes in 0.7.1
- Initial buy mode support (buy & move objects)
- Basement object interaction fix
- Fixed launcher error popup when disconnecting from the game
  • Changes in 0.6.1
- Fixed the issue of client players not able to interact with anything in patch 1.68
  • Changes in 0.6.0
- 12 player support
- more travel fixes (infinite load, neighbor lots, etc.)
- fixed start game button in Mac launcher
  • Changes in 0.5.4
- travel fixes (infinite load, neighbor lots, etc.)
- game is automatically paused until both players have finished loading
- automatic save sync
- chat with the other player using 'chat <your message>' in the game console (CTRL + SHIFT + C)
- no need for 'mp.c' command, the game automatically connects (use 'disconnect' command when leaving the game)
- mod file (ts4script) is now installed automatically
  • Changes in 0.3.2
- travel support
- server application for MacOSX
  • Changes in 0.2.1
- support for breaking changes introduced in v1.54.120.1020 patch (released 08/08/2019)
  • Changes in 0.2.0
- added a tool which configures Windows Firewall properly for the server application
- documentation improvements