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Hire a Farmhand Mod

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2021 at 6:51 PM
Updated: 30th Aug 2021 at 1:13 AM
Updates - 8/23/21

Added translations to a separate zip folder. The original contains the English version only. You only need one of these folders. Thanks to those who contributed:

French Translation by Candyman.fr ( Caradriel)
Spanish Translation by Cindysimspr ( CRH)
Russian Translation by wild_guy

Updates - 8/29/21

German Translation by andiberlin
Fixed an issue where Farmhands were leaving the lot at 3pm instead of 6pm.
Farmhands should now only feed chickens every four hours.


The Helping Hands Union is officially open for business! Take advantage of our services by hiring one of our professional farmhands to care for your crops and livestock!

What services do farmhands provide?

All of our farmhands are trained to provide a full range of services. They will:
  • Feed your chickens
  • Clean your chicken coop
  • Clean your cows and llamas
  • Clean your animal shed
  • Refill your animal shed's feed supply
  • Tend to your crops (water, weed, spray for bugs)

Important Note: If you want your cows and llamas to be cleaned by the farmhand, you must call them out of their sheds!

How do I hire a farmhand?

Hiring from The Helping Hands Union is easy! Simply go to the 'Household' section of your phone and select 'Hire Farmhand Service'.

You will be given the option to choose between our one time and scheduled farmhand services. Your farmhand will arrive in under twenty minutes.

Their work hours are 9AM to 6PM. Farmhands hired after 5PM will arrive at 9AM the next morning.

How much does it cost to hire a farmhand?

Farmhands are paid a base rate of 100 simoleons, plus 10 simoleons for every hour they are on your lot. Please make sure you have enough money to cover the cost of our services, or you will be billed!

What if I don't like my farmhand? Can I pick another one?

Yes, of course! The Helping Hands Union wants you to feel comfortable with the person caring for your farm. So, we've made it easy for you to choose which farmhand will arrive at your lot!

Click on any sim and find our Manage Farmhands pie menu. Then select either Choose Farmhands or Remove Farmhands at your pleasure.

Important Note: Your chosen farmhand MUST remain an NPC sim for as long as you want them to be a farmhand. This means they should be marked as un-played and fall under 'Other Households' in the Manage Worlds menu.

Which packs do I need to hire a farmhand?

The Cottage Living Expansion Pack is required for this mod to function correctly.

Does this mod have any known bugs? How do I resolve them?

Unfortunately, yes, but its easily managed. If you've hired a Scheduled Farmhand service, then skip a significant period of time with the UI Cheats Extension Mod, you might experience a glitch where your sim's household is charged for the service every time you enter their home lot.

To fix this, cancel the scheduled farmhand service, leave your lot and/or play as another household, then return to the original played household. This should resolve the issue. Or to prevent this bug entirely, cancel your scheduled farmhand service BEFORE skipping long periods of time with UI Cheats Extension!