Change Into Career Outfit Whenever

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Uploaded: 14th Sep 2019 at 3:43 PM
Updated: 8th Feb 2020 at 5:01 AM - Updated link to XML Injector
I have been frustrated that every morning my sims take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and then have to change again to go to work. I would like the option to just get dressed for work and be done with it. So, I have created a small mod that does just that.

Now, you can click on the dresser (or any other object that also allows you to change your sim) and get to change into your career outfit. This should only work with ages teen and above, and they must have a career with an assigned work uniform.

This mod requires the use of Scumbumbo's XML Injector, maintained by Triplis, which you will have to download here: The injector can be placed anywhere in your mods folder, no more than one folder deep. If you have other mods that also require the XML Injector, you only need one copy of it. Thanks to this injector, this mod should not conflict with any other mods.

If you are looking for a mod that allows you to change/plan your sim's career outfit, I recommend this mod by Menaceman44: Our mods should both be compatible so this mod should be a good choice if you are also looking to implement this feature in your game.

I hope others will find this mod as helpful as I find it. Please let me know if there are any issues!

This mod currently only has text compatibility with English & Chinese. If anyone would like to translate the mod into any other languages, I would be glad to add them!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to dannywangjo for addition of stringtables & Chinese translation
Special thanks to Menaceman44 for some help with the coding
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