Live longer in TS2!

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Uploaded 5th Feb 2020 at 12:38 AM · Updated 16th Feb 2020 at 2:45 AM by Andrew66523 : Freaking credits

Have your families gave you up and let you down after dying, or have you used other aging mods but they are just not as good? Well, try Andrew's live longer!

What this mod does is changing the aging values, it's just a modified age template. By using math I could change this on season lengths by four, so if you have the season length mod, this won't work as wanted!

Game years are now lifespan years, so infants last 60 days, toddlers last 25 days, children last 100 days, teens last 160 days, adults last 602 days, elders last at minimum 324 days (red aspiration) and maximum 702 days (platinum aspiration). If you don't want to age up to update lifespans, use the file found at

CONFLICTS: Other aging mods, AKA mods editing the same values, do NOT use two aging mods at the same time, at least make up your mind before continuing.

Note: if you want to modify this package, then sure, it also has labels that I used to help make this, but DON'T copy the mod and put it on another site without credit!

Additional Credits: SimPE for being able to make this thing! And for the template!