'Straight to the Beach' for TAEF [update 11/MAR/2021]

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Uploaded: 29th Feb 2020 at 4:36 PM
Updated: 11th Mar 2021 at 3:31 PM - fixed morphs on adult version
UPDATE 11/MAR/2021: fixed fat and fit morphs on adult version
Please redownload the adult version if you downloaded it before this edit! Make sure to remove the old version from your game, as the fix will NOT replace it.

I was going to convert this only for teens initially, but decided to make more changes after taking a look at it in CAS - namely:
  • making a plain version;
  • making a new control map that recolors the (previously unrecolorable) stencil;
  • rearranging the channels (and adding one);
  • adding maternity morphs to all age groups.

So, in the end, I ended up remaking both the adult and elder versions (also reshaped the meshes a bit while I was at it).
It's a lovely dress, but the way the channels were assigned really wasn't doing it any favors!
It took a bit to create a new control map?then the teen version was finicky in terms of bones?probably because I got lucky with not having to adjust the bones for the last two conversions lol.

Now there are three control options, as shown in the previews:
1. stencil is removed and turned into a design with recolorable areas - 4 channels;
2. version with unrecolorable stencil - 3 channels;
3. plain version (no stencil) - 3 channels.

  • For teen-elder females (separate files).
  • The adult and elder versions are from the Boardwalk Attire Store set, but they are NOT required and these won't conflict with them.
  • All versions can be found under Everyday, Formal and Makeover. They are enabled for maternity but NOT enabled for Random.
  • 3 presets: with recolorable design (4 channels), with stencil (3 channels), plain (3 channels).
  • Custom thumbnails.

Polygon Counts:
LOD1: 4028
LOD2: 2313
LOD3: 1237

LOD1: 4028
LOD2: 2214
LOD3: 927

LOD1: 4028
LOD2: 1990
LOD3: 982

Additional Credits:
Skin: Primer HD+ by Kurasoberina
Hairstyle: Skysims 128 by Iggysaurus-Rex