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Hacked COMPUTER (Not Global) << UPDATED 09/26/2007 <<

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Picked Upload!   This is a picked upload! It showcases some of the best talent and creativity available on MTS and in the community.
Uploaded: 19th May 2005 at 2:38 PM
Updated: 26th Sep 2007 at 3:12 AM
This is a cloned computer (cheap and expensive) and a light computer by Sunair.

UPDATED: 10/20/2006
<< v13.0 PETS >>

- Made a little tune-up based on concerns.
Here are my old features that I didnt upload before:
- Added "Private School Fees (ON/OFF)", your sim (child/teen) will automatically be admitted to a private school but you will pay private school fees everyday the amount is based on your sim's school Grade. (Requested by Sandilou, I think two months ago)
- Added "Auto Move In to College (ON/OFF)", your sim (teen) will automatically move in to college if his age days left is one day before turning into Adult and if his Wants is "Go to College" on that day.
- Added "Chat with... Frat Member and SS Member", for easy searching of Frat and Secret Society members. Because if you are going to hunt them in community lot sometimes some of them are not wearing their uniform, so I made an Online forum for them that will shows to us who are frat and SS members. This feature is also available for Teen in order for them to advance their relationship with them (frat and SS) before entering College.
- Added "Auto child Banking", your sim (child) will autonomously deposit 10K or 20K into his bank accounts for College fund if his bank accounts is zero and your household fund is greater than 10K.
- Added "Auto Withdraw All", your sim (elder) will autonomously withdraw all his bank accounts if his age days left is one day before meeting with Grim Reaper.
- "Work At Home" and "Pay Bills Online" can now be accessed in your sim's pie menus (click on your sim).

UPDATED: 10/21/2006
<< v13.1 >>

- Added "Shop Online/Buy Pets". It will appear beside your sim.

UPDATED: 10/27/2006
<< v13.2 >>
- Updated "Find a Job". (Reported by ladykatsim)
- Added "Bank Online.../Auto Child Banking is (ON/OFF)". But still all (Auto College, Private School and Child Banking) defaults are ON.

UPDATED: 11/04/2006
<< v13.3 >>
- Changed default to OFF (Auto College, Private School and Child Banking)
- Added buyable Transformer Potions (Vampire and Werewolf) in "SHOP ONLINE.../Gypsy..".

UPDATED: 11/20/2006
<< v13.4 >>
- Made English as default language to reduce filesize, to easy for me to edit it and to support all languages.
- Added the ff options:
"Bank Online.../Transmit Money.../To Household Funds.../(Playable/Sim Bin)" - send money to playable neighbor sims and sims who are in family bin, the money will be added to their household funds.
"Bank Online.../Check Money.../Household Funds.../(Playable/Sim Bin)" - inquire household funds of playable neighbor sims and sims who are in family bin.
- Removed "global text" taken from computer globals but still two global bhavs left, one is "sit in" that handles the stomping of feet when the computer is in use then someone want to use it and the other one is "ct-ring" that handles the no wake up when cellphones rings.

UPDATED: 03/03/2007
<< v14.0 SEASONS >>

- Added "Buy Collar" and "Buy Video Games" in SHOP ONLINE. (Requested)
- Added "Study Badges.../Gardening" and "Study Badges.../Fishing" (Requested)
- Added Seasons career rewards
- Enabled autonomous of Play SSX, but I inserted a conditions they would only autonomous play if their Fun level is below 50% and will automatically stop playing if their Fun reach 100%.
- I returned back "School.../Study Skills..." to work like OFB-Write Article where you can assign sim to study skills without earning money and badges. (Requested)
- Added "Outerwear" in SHOP ONLINE
- Added "Gypsy.../Plantophic-C" and "Gypsy.../Plantophic-X" in SHOP ONLINE, a potions for transforming your sim to plantsim and plantsim to sim.
- MQ_Resurrect-O-Nomitron_Bank_PETS.zip is still compatible with SEASONS.

v14.2 - I removed Plantophic-N potion because of that when they go to community lot they will change to green again. But I didnt give up that normal skin I made another feature "Make Skin.../(NOrmal/Plantsim)" in our Sim's Pie Menus (clicking your sim) so that we can manually change the skin of our plantsim. So if the game turns our normal skin plantsim to green, all we have to do is click our sim and "Make Skin...to Normal". This option is only available for plantsim. It is better to do it this way rather than messing up the global controller or making a local controller that will monitor plantsim on community lot. If you still want the Plantophic-N potion you can get the Buyable Plantophic-N potion at Insim.

UPDATED: 03/15/2007
<< v14.3 >>

- Added "Buy Produce and Fish" in SHOP ONLINE.

UPDATED: 04/19/2007
<< v14.4 >>

- Fixed buying eggplants issues.
- Added "School.../Study Time (Hours).../(1-10 Hours)", the length of hours that will do studying before taking a break (Requested by AnastasiaRenai)
- Added fallback routine for DeleteAllCharaters' users (tested once)

UPDATED: 09/10/2007
<< v15.0 BON VOYAGE >>

- Added recolour to Bonus Computer
- Added Buy Map, price $500
- MQ_Resurrect-O-Nomitron_Bank_PETS.zip is still compatible with SEASONS and BON VOYAGE.


UPDATED: 09/26/2007
<< v15.1 BON VOYAGE >>

- Added Buy Jewelry/ShowMeOff Rack items, prices are default plus $25


Requirements: UNI, NL, OFB, PETS, SEASONS, BV. If your dont have any one of the said EPs pls do not download this.

- Monique -