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Scuba Pro Emporium Storage Unit

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2020 at 10:19 PM
Hello again!

This time I bring you a wardrobe fit for your SCUBA enthused sims! It's the Scuba Pro Emporium Storage Unit! I liked the look of the Shelf Unit but didn't like that it was mostly nonfunctional, and I didn't like that there wasn't a wardrobe to fit my dive shop needs, so I fixed both problems with one mod.

The Storage Unit is a clone of the Scuba Pro Emporium Shelf Unit and thus costs the same. It has the same display slots as the Shelf Unit, and is located in the Dresser and custom content sorts.

Modifying the tuning of the base game Weathered Wonder Dresser may cause problems with this as I used the tuning for it to modify the Scuba Pro Emporium Shelf Unit into the Storage Unit.