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Cabinets with Inventory

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2022 at 4:49 AM
This download includes versions of 14 kitchen cabinets found in the base game and various packs modified to each have their own inventory, so that you can store things in it, like canned goods, repair parts, blocks of soy wax and all the other stuff your Sim hauls around in their pockets since they don't have anywhere better to put it and don't want to buy a storage chest to tuck in a corner somewhere.

The cabinets act like storage chests, specifically like the Dorm Storage Boxes from Discover University (although it doesn't require that pack). This allows them to each have separate inventories. Since this is likely to lead to losing things when you forget which cabinet you put them in, you can also give each cabinet a name (e.g. Canned Goods or Upgrade Parts) that shows up in the tooltip for the cabinet when you hover over it.

There are two versions of each cabinet available for each pack that has cabinets. One contains cloned versions that are standalone objects, and the other contains overrides of the game versions, so that lots that already have those cabinets installed will automatically have inventory available in them now.

Caution: If you have a really enormous lot with a lot of cabinets on it (like a big apartment building with a dozen kitchens), you might run into lag if you use the override version -- not sure yet. That's why I did both versions. You can have both versions installed and they won't conflict, but you will see a lot of duplicate-looking cabinets in the build/buy screen.

You must install the CabinetsWithInventory_MainMod.package, as it contains the object tuning. It also contains clones of the Base Game cabinets modified to have inventory. I packaged and labeled the rest of the cabinets by pack.

The pack requirements shown on this download page are a little misleading. If you only have the base game, you can safely install CabinetsWithInventory_MainMod.package and CabinetsWithInventory_BaseGame_Override.package. The rest of the files are also labeled by pack. If you don't have a pack, don't install the files for that pack.

Change Log
  • 4/6/2022, 1.0.0, Patreon Preview Release
  • 4/12/2022, 1.0.1, Public Release