Clear Exotic Dancer Platforms and Stiletto High Heels

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2020 at 10:57 AM
Updated: 28th Nov 2020 at 11:13 AM - Blockfeet version added for Stiletto
Updated 8 Nov, 2020:
Finally, the Stiletto Blockfeet version has been added to set.

These Platform and Stiletto shoes each all have 5 have various presets from 1. clear, 2. obscured, 3. obscured top, 4. obscured soles and 5. a plain solid version.
Each have 3 colour presets, and each of the 5 presets are recolor-able. the first clear preset has a silicone sole as overlay, the other 4 presets have black under soles.
Both the Platform and Stiletto versions are available for teens, young adult, adult and elder.
The Platform version has an optional bigger feet for elders (choose only one, std or bigger)
This is because some other custom shoes for elders are bigger (such as Daluved1's elder footwear)
Available Categories:
Everday, Formal, Sleepwear, Athletic, Swimwear, Career, Makeover, Outerwear and Valid for Maternity & Random
Blockfeet Versions:
The Platforms have a blockfeet version, which are seen in the previews wearing socks / stockings.
After the last update, the Stilettos also have a blockfeet version added, the last image & first file in downloads.
Since game version 1.67 I have noticed that the EA normalmaps have become like Buhadain's cc version.
I used S3OC to preview the EA normalmaps, they have all become the same for teen to elder.
I was once trying to make plain bare blockfeet as non-default feet for wearing socks but now even the EA versions have toes.
We have to look closely to see differences. So I have attached previews from CTU, where we can see their differences when not in-game.

About this creation:

These shoes are my latest of my "Clear Shoe" collection, worthy of being uploaded first.
I have other older "clear shoes" never uploaded, but could not wait to get this one out, as my latest "featured" version.

The first clear shoes I did in Sims 2, but they were not my creation and must still ask Bloom for his permission to upload.
Then for many years I have been trying to make them work in Sims 3 until 2 years ago I figured it out.

The next creation was Bloom's Bsett shoe (for Sims 3) I got them to be clear without the feet becoming invisible.
In Sims 2 I only had to add alpha to the texture and then the skintone as well, for a completely clear shoe.
From Bloom's "Bsett" shoe I also went and made another 6 designs of mules with various straps and heel types.

In Sims 3 I got it right by following cmar's tutorial for transparent clothing, which needs a CAS item with multi-group meshes.
I used the "afBodyDressTrailing_goth_necklace" as a starting template. Glasses are not suitable as they are "Geom" with no morphs instead of "Base"
Also Sims 3 shaders can only be changed with GEOM editor or I prefer doing it inside S3PE, click on GEOM, Grid, expand Chunk entries,
Rcol for shader and then TGIrefs for if mesh comments (normalmap, diffuse and specular textures) need updating or fixing.
The feet are mesh lod 1_0 with the simskin shader
The shoe is Lod 1_1 with the simhair shader,
I would like to try simseyes shader one day on a suitable formal shoe, it is extremely shiny like the eyeballs.
FYI we cannot use simglass or some of the other's, as all are not sim compatible and become inanimate objects.
Lods 2 and Lod 3 are normal as the simskin shader, but they only show from far away.

Wearable with morphing accessories:

Another thing that makes this upload special, these shoes can be worn with morphing necklaces / accessories which I only
discovered was a problem with higher poly shoes while making and testing these shoes. The blockfeet version was unaffected.

So all the old shoes I want to still upload once I have gotten permission from Bloom, plus to renumber their mesh vertice ID's.
Also, all shoes that are very high poly. such as Blooms Bsett, Madlen and JoshQ etc, cannot be worn with necklaces or else they will deform when adjusting the fat/thin slider.

Note for other modders:

Shoe mesh Vert ID numbering starts at 30000 and accessories start at 31800 gives you only 1800 vertices to work with,
unless we renumber the meshes from 40000, 55000 etc
Remember to avoid 65000-68000 is already taken by cmar's "P" in the male, the alternate "P" female bottom nude outfits and the accessory.

When I renumbered the mesh vertice ID's, TSR Workshop could no longer display to test but it still exporting to WSO & morphs are okay.
The shoes are fine in-game and TSRW also didn't show any warnings importing.
After editing the UV and using Lithunwrap export/import for other ages, asks for re-welding and model cleaning, upon checking with Mesh Toolkit, I had to re-assign the vertice ID's and re-assign the bones with the original exported mesh, which keeps the morphs working.
I always re-assign the bones after every edit, which stops the the index out of range error in TSRW. This is all done with cmar's Mesh Toolkit.

Polygon Counts:
Lod 1_0 blockfeet 564 poly + Lod 1_1 shoe 1921 poly = 2485
Lod 1_0 Bloom's feet 2008 poly + Lod 1_1 shoe 1921 poly = 3929
Lod 2 = 2419 poly
Lod 3 = 1359 poly
Lod 1_0 blockfeet 336 poly + Lod 1_1 shoe 1924 poly = 2260
Lod 1_0 Bloom's feet 2008 poly + Lod 1_1 shoe 1925 poly = 3933
Lod 2 = 1805 poly
Lod 3 = 1192 poly

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop for starting and re-checking after completion before testing in game.
Milkshape 3D for editing meshes and their UV and some import/export tricks using Mesh Toolkit.
Lithunwrap can open ms3d files and export UV as a .luv file to import back into other ms3d files. S3PE for changing items inside the package file and editing their properties.
cmar's Mesh Toolkit to renumber vertex ID's of Lod 1_1 to 57000-58259 (all the Bloom's versions) S3OC for uniquely renaming the CASpart of package files. CTU for quick fixes of adding more textures and quick previewing.
Bloom of Bloom's Base for creating the first Hi-Poly feet and for helping many others with issues.
Cmar in the transparent clothing tutorial with the use of dual mesh groups and shaders.