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"Poorly decorated" Moodlet remover

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Uploaded 12th Oct 2020 at 3:03 PM

i learned modding purely because i hate the "poorly decorated" moodlets. i recognize you can just turn them off, however they're sort of bugged ever since the update, and they'll no longer go away even when turning off items affecting your sims moods. plus, i kinda like getting rewards for good decoration.

this mod, as the summary and title entails, removes the bad decoration moodlets, and replaces them with a happy +1 moodlet. i've also decreased the amount of time the moodlet remains (30 minutes).

should be compatible with pretty much every other mod since i haven't changed anything. correct me if i'm wrong, of course.

Type: Motive gain Fixed

Tags: #poorly decorated, #moodlet, #fix, #buff, #atrociously decorated, #dismally decorated