Out of Body Experience! The free transformation between human & ghost!

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Uploaded: 26th Oct 2020 at 3:32 PM
Updated: 17th Nov 2020 at 1:52 PM
"An out-of-body experience (OBE or sometimes OOBE) is a phenomenon in which a person perceives the world from a location outside their physical body."

Don't want to die? but curious about the feeling of being a ghost? Try this mod!!!

1)Check the rabbit hole tree in Willow Creek, there will be a new interaction called "Check the strange tree hole", do it and you will get a notification and a new reward trait named "out of body" immediately.

2)Then check your active sim with the trait and a new pie menu category named "out of body" will be shown up! with a cute little icon.

3)There are six kinds of ghost form your sims can transform into, like ghost of anger, ghost of cowplant, etc. Choose the one you want and the sim will give up their body to transform into a ghost! Don't worry, they are not dead and the grim reaper won't come, the body will be well kept by the game, no one will be sad, it is just a normal out of body experience

4)Sims "can come back to body" as your desire. (Also in the "out of body" pie menu)


English, Chinese
Brazilian Portuguese translation by qlaqercoixsa

*This mod needs to run with XMLinjector by Scumbumbo*
1)Download the latest version of https://scumbumbomods.com/xml-injector and put the .ts4script file into your Mods folder(Don't put it into any other subfolder).
2)Download this mod and put the .package file(s) into your Mods folder.

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