lagoons - map for monorail or train decoration

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Uploaded: 23rd Oct 2020 at 10:00 PM
lagoons - map for monorail or train decoration

perhaps this is one of the most interesting neighborhood templates you can download to create a neighborhood with a wide landscape and decoration options to your liking.
first of all, the main thing on this map are the three lagoons, which you can decorate with boats, canoes, swans, ducks, lighthouses for boats and the creation of beach lots on the roads near these is also available.
as a second option, the possibility of placing the decoration of the train or the monorail along the map in the middle of the two main roads.
This image details the features offered by this map.
This map has roads to place lots of different sizes and even 1 x 1 size lots.
Another characteristic to keep in mind is that it has several plateaus and these are flat, which facilitates the creation of plots with flat edges, except for what is close to slopes.

In this map you can create large lots with slopes, please refer to the image to know how to place and create them.

you can consult the map with references to locate the characteristics of this template.

Don't forget to install a camera mod to use this template in all its dimension and enjoy it.
I use Duhamel camera mod.

You could need this map for some future lots with special features that I will post on this wonderful website.
The decorated images included in this thread are for guidance and reference only.

This template doesn't include any decorations.

Additional Credits:
Simcity 4 Deluxe Edition - EA Games Maxis
X264 Mpeg 4 video codec for screenshots
MTS web site