Eagle Hills - Medium Map

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Uploaded 23rd Nov 2021 at 9:59 PM

Named for the breathtaking birds who long ago called this location "home", Eagle Hills is the perfect snapshot of small town living.

Eagle Hills has a place for every Sim: From a network of roads on the edge of a river, all the way up to quiet plateaus overlooking everything.

This map works best as a regular 'hood, but can easily be used as a small business district or a large university. The road system allows for huge lots and plenty of space away from neighbors!

The terrain's base is primarily flat, with higher areas of interest along the edges. There's a small, cozy section against a massive mountain with little hills surrounding it. On the other side of the hills are two "layers" of flatland, one overlooking the other, both with space for a few lots.

Against the water is a tall, flat chunk of land which overlooks the rest of the terrain.