No Backsplash Counters Add-On Overrides and Non-Default Clones

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Uploaded 30th Oct 2020 at 7:02 PM · Updated 3rd Dec 2021 at 8:30 PM by bessy : 12/03 Confirm latest patch compatibility

Game tested and compatible with 1.82 patch.


Added new swatches from Base Game patch for BlandCo and VAULT counters. Both overrides and non-default versions updated. Also removed old single-file override archives and uploaded a new one containing all overrides as separate files.

Added non-default versions for all counters by request. Two files added, a merged one and seperates archive.

Added new overide for the new Dream Home Decrorator counter. Separate file for the Modern Countertop was added and the the merged one was updated.

Added missing swatches of the Harbinger counter. Two files were updated - the harbinger counter separated and the merged one with all counters.

All basegame counters by pbox are updated and included since he/she does not update them.
Corporate chic counter has also a little fix because the corner near the wall transformed into a basic one.
Screenshots redone and added those from original pbox's post.

I really love the nosplash counters by plasticbox, so I made the missing ones from EP&GP to complete the set.

All of the original swatches of three Maxis counters are overriden and these are default replacements such as pbox's set from here.

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Type: Fixed

Tags: #counter, #kitchen, #backsplash