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Tiny houses - Four Corners - No CC

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Uploaded: 17th Feb 2021 at 2:25 PM
3 small lots with four corners - No CC

Please read carefully

These homes were built on a lot modified with Mootilda's Lot Adjuster tool.
These lots have four corners, which means they have a vehicular road on all four sides of the lot.
Technically these are 1x1-sized plots, in order to install and use them you must have a neighborhood templates with roads similar to those shown in the images.

you can download and use any of my neighborhood templates to place these lots, it will be fun to have lots in your neighborhood that are different from the traditional ones in terms of land distribution.
The lots were tested with Sims after saving clean copies.


This is a cheap and starter lot, ideal for a single sim or romantic aspirations, it includes:
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 bathroom
  • dining area
  • living room
  • study area
  • kitchen

File name: RanchFourCorners.rar
Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price (furnished): 19870

Ranch with basement

This is a single-family lot with no slope basement, taking into account criteria, guides and user tutorials from the MTS community, the Grid Adjuster tool was used to create the basement, it includes
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1 - 1/2 bathroom
  • dining room
  • living room
  • study area
  • kitchen

File name: RanchBasement.rar
Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price (furnished): 58537

Tiny house

It is a two-story family house with simple and cozy spaces, it includes:
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 - 1/2 bathrooms
  • living Room with fireplace
  • dining room
  • study area
  • kitchen

File name: TinyHouse.rar
Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price (furnished): 70700

Download and enjoy the one you like the most.


these lots files were saved in the Sims 2 Seasons, if you have these expansions of the game or higher, you can download and install this content.
This lot doesn't have personalized content.
recommended to install this file with Mootilda's Sims2pack Clean tool.
Cleaned and verified with Sims2Pack Clean Installer by Mootilda.
This lot file is a clean copy ensuring optimal works.
Cleaned and verified with Sims2Pack Clean

Additional Credits:
Sims2pack Clean Installer by Mootilda
Lot Adjuster by Mootilda
Ts2 Grid Adjuster by Mootilda SimPE EA Maxis