3t2/4t2 Ade's Caleb Bandana (AM/TM 11 Colors)

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Uploaded: 28th Feb 2021 at 5:07 PM
Updated: 28th Feb 2021 at 5:45 PM
Hello! I come bearing an accessory today.

Ade's Caleb hair is one of my favorites, but when it was converted for ts2 the bandana never was. So, I downloaded milkshape and a few tutorials and got to work!

Age & Gender
In the download there are two meshes, for Adult Male and Teen Male. However, the Adult mesh works for Young Adults and Elders too, so if Grandpa wants to rock a hot pink bandana he can! You can find them in the Glasses category of CAS.

Color Options
Both ages come in the same 11 basic colors. The black above is the original conversion + the 10 additional recolors below. Each color for each age is a separate file so if you don't want specific colors you're free to pick and choose.

Known Issues
As this was my first milkshape experience it's not 100% perfect. The bandana is a bit too big for a sims 2 head. I tried to fix it and just made it worse, so I decided to leave it. It doesn't bother me, but if it bothers you I'm sorry. Maybe as my skills improve I'll revisit it.

These should only require the basegame, but please let me know if for some reason they need more.

Credit Where Credit Is Due
I must give credit for the teen mesh to ClaudetteCorleone . Once I had my adult mesh, making it for teens too was beyond the scope of my current skills. I was told no credit was needed, but it would not be for teens without her help. This is why I've put the teen mesh + black in their own folder within the download.

Recoloring is allowed! Also, if you want to convert it for child/toddler go for it. I didn't want it for these ages but I'm fine if someone else does. Including it with a sim you upload is also allowed so long as there's credit. NO PAYSITES.

Other Info
Because it's an accessory, you technically could use it with whichever hair you want. Although most hairs there will be clipping, there were a few I tried it on that it looked good. You'll just have to play around with whatever you have and see.

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions or I forgot to mention anything important.

CC Used In Screenshots
Just in case anyone's interested, here's a list of cc used in the screenshots, excluding my bandana.
* Ade Caleb hair Simgaroop'd by DeeDee
* Default Skin by Leh (idk what it's called)
* Eagle on a pole 003 alien eyes by Kinemortophobia
* Default eyes by Pithy
* 4t2 Rope Jumpsuit by DeeDee
**The other two shirts are default replacements so I'm not sure where I got them from or what the originals are, sorry.

Polygon Counts:
adult mesh = 3457
teen mesh = 3464
To be honest I have no idea whether these are low or high as I've never worried about poly count myself in anything I've downloaded.

Additional Credits:
HermitFox/Digi for the tutorial I followed
Simmer22 for helping me troubleshoot the adult mesh
ClaudetteCorleone for the teen mesh
AdeDarma for the original bandana
The people who made SimPE and Milkshape