Medieval Default Dish Recolours

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Uploaded: 20th Jun 2021 at 6:38 AM
Ever been playing your medieval game and wished you could have different default plates for the different social classes? Now you can. I was so excited when omglo uploaded the 7 slot default because I knew finally my peasants could eat off chipped clay while my upper classes could eat off silver or glazed pottery.

All of these dishes except the one pretty wooden plate chosen by Tea Addict (check out her Youtube channel ) came from the Met Museum site and are genuine medieval plates from the 4th to 15th century. Most of the glazed ones are Spanish, my favourite being the red birds and Hybiscus.

You will need Omglo's Plate and Dish Controller mod for these to work.

To use
Place one stack of control plates and bowls on your lot.
Have your sim pick the plate and bowl pattern that you want.
You can have the plate and bowl match or mismatch. The plate or bowl grabbed by the sim will reflect whatever you have set the control plate and bowl to be.
If you want to change what plates or dishes they eat off just have your sim pick a new pattern on the control plates or bowls.

The files zzzBowl-Color-Choice.package and the zzzPlate-Color-Choice.package from omglo's mod to work. Those are the Control plate and bowl.
I recoloured the Dish-TexturePack.package. To use my recolours simply remove the Texture file that comes in the mod and replace it with my recoloured texture file.
You can't have two texture files. If at any time you want to go back to omglo's plain recolours switch the texture file back to theirs.

Wooden medieval plate
Clay, glazed and silver medieval plates!/search?q=dish