Up, Up and Away: 12 Murals of Hot Air Balloons ~ 3-part (2-Story) murals, 4-part murals, and 5-part murals

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2021 at 6:45 PM
I hope your sims are ready to decorate their houses with more murals!
We are doing a project on SimCrafters Discord that may or may not use these murals I can never just make one item, so I went a bit overboard and made 12. I hope there is something in this bunch you can use

All 12 Murals are found in the Misc/other wall catalog:
- There are three 2-Story/3-Tile murals (6-parts) for $12
- And five 4-Tile (4 part) murals for $13
- And four 5-Tile (5 part) murals for $14

Each wall is carefully named and numbered; pictures are included in the DL file for your convenience.

All images were free to use and from: https://wallpaperaccess.com/

All of my walls are Mac friendly

"Dawn" is my favorite of all the murals!
The unfortunate line is a seam, not a pixel deficiency. It is where the 2 stories meet. I will keep looking for a way to remove it, but I think it might be a 'game' problem, and unavoidable? If you know a trick, please share with me

"Fantasy Ocean" - a 4T mural example:

"Rainbow Duet" - a 5T muralexample:

And, if you scroll through all the pictures, you'll see there is a "close up" picture for each mural - so you can see the image quality really well. It is crisp and clean, with no squishys!
Here is "Characters in Flight" a 5T mural, close-up picture:
I love the little peacock balloon!