Jewel-Tone Designs ~ 5 Rich Ethnic Wallpapers

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2021 at 6:04 PM
Updated: 5th Jun 2021 at 7:18 PM
The wallpapers from this set are from Milton & King.
They are all found in Wallpaper for $4.

Line Wallpaper:
About the design:
"Lines in drawings or paintings in aboriginal culture usually symbolise movement or travel, to a place of spiritual or dreaming significance. This gorgeous Australian Aboriginal wallpaper is the true embodiment of Art in the everyday."

Mediterranean Wallpaper:
About the design:
"This relaxing wallpaper is a classic combination of brilliant blue and gold. Vivid blues help to revive an outdated room while the beautiful gold creates the look of royalty. The light wallpaper background adds an ambience of peace and prosperity to any area while the tile design gives any space a timeless look."

Lines & Dots: tiles perfectly for 2-story use!
About the design:
"Lines & Dots is a tale of dreaming and spiritual connection to country. Vivid Colors and intricate line work make this indigenous wallpaper a compelling graphic element for any wall."

City Scape Wallpaper: tiles perfectly for 2-story use!
About the design:
"Drape your house in deep indigo blues. By opting for this dark blue shibori wallpaper in your space you will add a big dose of drama and impact. The fabric texture of this design will also give your space a cosy warmth. Blue is the perfect Color for your bedroom. Able to contrast and complement other shades beautifully, it also has a deeply calming effect, as a Color that chimes with the sky and sea."

Shown in the pictures above: Tjukula Wallpaper
About the design:
"This indigenous dot wallpaper is a story of country and dreaming. A Beautifully vibrant story of a connection to a particular place, and maybe of the journey to arrive there. Such is the vitality of this aboriginal wallpaper, it is sure to refresh and renew a dull space."

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