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Minimum Wage Remastered and Realistic

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Uploaded: 18th Jun 2021 at 1:49 PM
Updated: 17th Jan 2022 at 3:50 AM
New and remastered mod for a minimum wage in the Sims 3. I was inspired by Madame Doofie's minimum wage mod. I like making my game harder for my Sims but her mod actually made some of the careers only earn three simoleons an hour or zero simoleons an hour for some jobs. I want my Sim's lives to be harder but not that hard. So this mod is somewhere in between her version of minimum wage and the vanilla version of minimum wage.

-All jobs now start at 15 simoleons an hour at Lvl. 1
-All jobs now have a realistic raise system
-No outrageous amounts of money earned like the law enforcement level one career earning 40 simoleons an hour

I made this mod for myself but I figured some people would like to be able to use it if they want their wages to be lower and more realistic. For the people who don’t want their minimum wage to be super low and for the people who don’t want their minimum wage to be super high. For the people who don’t want to go in and do it themselves.

Medical Career-Deady Disease Specialist Path
Lvl 1: 15$/hour vs. Maxis 22$/hour
Lvl 2: 18$/hour vs. Maxis 25$/hour
Lvl 3: 25$/hour vs. Maxis 28$/hour
Lvl 4: 30$/hour vs. Maxis 33$/hour
Lvl 5: 42$/hour vs. Maxis 78$/hour
Lvl 6: 60$/hour vs. Maxis 102$/hour
Lvl 7: 85$/hour vs. Maxis 192$/hour
Lvl 8: 100$/hour vs. Maxis 210$/hour
Lvl 9: 150$/hour vs. Maxis 225$/hour
Lvl 10: 250$/hour vs. Maxis 480$/hour

Law Enforcement- Special Agent
Lvl 1: 15$/hour vs. Maxis 40$/hour
Lvl 2: 25$/hour vs. Maxis 47$/hour
Lvl 3: 30$/hour vs. Maxis 55$/hour
Lvl 4: 45$/hour vs. Maxis 73$/hour
Lvl 5: 55$/hour vs. Maxis 94$/hour
Lvl 6: 68$/hour vs. Maxis 147$/hour
Lvl 7: 85$/hour vs. Maxis 172$/hour
Lvl 8: 92$/hour vs. Maxis 202$/hour
Lvl 9: 115$/hour vs. Maxis 293$/hour
Lvl 10: 252$/hour vs. Maxis 477$/hour

Information: This does affect all expansion packs except into the future, I own it but I don't really use it.
Also for those wondering, Madam Doofie did confirm that my mod does work with the other modules that affect private school and such from her mod.

Incompatible with Work Extra Hard in Sports Career mod: https://modthesims.info/d/427183/work-hard-in-sports-career.html