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Between Rivers

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Uploaded: 15th Oct 2021 at 11:15 PM
Build a neighborhood for the sims between rivers.

With this neighborhood template you can build a magnificent neighborhood in the middle of a mountainous landscape with mountains of different sizes, a volcano and two rivers that cross from side to side, 85 % of the road area is flat which facilitates the creation of lots totally flat and the possibility of having beach plots in the rivers, if you have a Rivera theme in mind, this template is ideal for you.

This template offers multiple decoration options to create that dream neighborhood.
You can decorate this map with everything that Maxis left behind for the game, the lagoons can be decorated with lighthouses, swans, canoes, boats, waves and so on.

You can place any of the 1 x 1 lots that Mod The Sims users have created with the view of multiple races around them, if you want a different concept in terms of landscaping both from the general view of the neighborhood and from the view of the lot.

The roads in this template are centered for a normal camera angle, you may need a camera mod for those remote areas of the template.

This template doesn't include any decorations.