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Fixed Nyx's Enhanced Aliens v1.5

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Uploaded: 23rd Dec 2021 at 1:00 PM
Updated: 11th Jan 2022 at 11:53 PM
So, we all know Nyx/NeilSimming, a great modder, who was sadly beaten. He/she/they created memorable mods, but over time the updates outpaced Nyx's ability to maintain them. When he went inactive, many modders took the concept of his mods and made their own mods, it's great, the game was incorporating functions that used to be part of their mods, leaving Nyx in oblivion. This mod was greatly missed, as there are not enough mods for aliens on the internet, and Nyx made one of the best ones.
  • First of all I want to say, that ALL the credits belong to Nyx, I don't want to seize anything, I don't want to steal anything, I am nobody.
  • Second, I want to say that I'm not exactly a modder, I'm still learning, that's the reason why this page is called "Fixed Nyx's Enhanced Aliens v1.5" and not "Updated Nyx's Enhanced Aliens v1.5" (but even though it was something small it took me a long time to find the problem and the way to fix it). I found the file in Neil's Website, where he/she/they also establishes his/her/their permission to re-upload his/her/their files. I tried the mod and it was still perfectly playable, except for the brain power bar (see below) that didn't recharge no matter how hard I tried, that problem is gone now.
  • baniduhaine, someone with more knowledge about mods than me, also did a FIX, I beg you take a look at that one, especially if you use mods for the rewards store.

After having clarified this, I hope you can understand that my intention is nothing more than to give the opportunity to common simmers, without much knowledge about programming mods like me, to play with a good mod, which spent two years without anyone who got interested in it, and surely would have remained that way for many more years.


Oh, by the way, a Spanish translation made by me is already included.

I'll quote Nyx's original description from WaybackMachine:


So, I hope this can bring back the interest of the modder community for aliens, the mod is fully playable again, but it would be very kind if someone helps us make it better, adding new features or making new game systems work with it.
Please let me know of any bug you find, hopefully future updates won't breake it again...