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Postal Mod - Send Mail to Your Sims

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Uploaded: 30th Jan 2022 at 3:24 PM
Updated: 25th Feb 2022 at 4:12 PM
Now, your post office doesn't only have to be for decoration!


You can send post to any sim in town (as long as they're a resident)!

Sending Post with the Register
  • First, buy your stamps from the register. They come in a pack of 5 or as single stamps. (To open a pack, click on it and choose open!)
  • Buy envelopes or parcels to package your items in.
  • Put your mail inside the parcel/envelope packaging, put that packaging in the register, and then send it to a sim of your choice.
  • Check the mailbox the next time you swap to that family!
Sending Post with the Post Box
  • Send letters (not parcels!) at any time of day.

Sending Post to a Community Lot
  • Put the new business mailbox on any lot and give it a unique name.
  • Use the new option on the register and choose where you want to send the post.
    Note: You can only send parcels! The interaction works the same way as the regular 'Send Post' interaction.

Don't worry, if you're missing a certain type of stamp or packaging, there'll be a tool-tip to let you know!

Writing Cheques
  • Purchase cheques at the register which you can address to any sim in the world. The money will stay in the cheque until the sim chooses to cash it in!
Working the Register
You can hire Sims to work at the register during the configurable opening times and days.
  • Set Days Off
  • Set Working Hours
  • Set Pay Per Hour
  • Hire an Employee
  • Set Strict Tending On/Off (if the sim is fixed to the register throughout the day)
    Note: You can direct your sim to do anything during working hours, regardless of this toggle. However, if strict tending is enabled, the register will call them back as soon as they're done. Also Note: You only get paid for the hours at the register!
    Note 2: You can send post regardless of if a sim is working the register. Just make sure it's within opening hours.
  • Work!!!

Sim Post Register - $0 - Electronics/Misc - Polycount: N/A (Cloned from EA Uni Register so is the same)
Post Box - $500 - Storage/Misc - Polycount: 588 verts/673 faces
Envelope (letter packaging) - $5 - storage/misc ($5 from the register) - Polycount: 24 verts/12 faces
Parcel Box - $7 - storage/misc ($7 from the register) - Polycount: 150 verts/192 faces
Letter Stamps - $2 - decor/painting ($2 from the register) - Polycount: 24 verts/12 faces
Parcel Stamps - $2 - decor/painting ($4 from the register) - Polycount: 24 verts/12 faces
Letter Stamp Pack - $2 - decor/painting ($8 from the register) - Polycount: 24 verts/12 faces
Parcel Stamp Pack - £2 - decor/painting ($12 from the register) - Polycount: 24 verts/12 faces
Cheque - $0 - decor/painting ($5 from the register) - Polycount: 24 verts/12 faces
Business Mail Box - $0 - Storage/Misc - Polycount: N/A (Cloned from Late Night Apartment Mailbox so is the same)

Made on version 1.67.
There shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods!

The mod is now fully localizable. Have fun translating!

Special thanks:
My brother, Charles, who coded an entire interaction for me when I got stuck.
The lovely, MUCH appreciated testers, including: Desiree-uk, MissPat, Enable_llamas, Sonja A!
Zoeoe, Lyralei, Battery for helping me with a coding related issue on the discord.
Turbo Squid, where I got the mesh for the post box from and edited.
The great modders like Ani and Arsil, whose code really helped me out.
And all others on Tumblr and the Creators Discord who encouraged/gave tips/etc.