Sims 3 Font Replacement Mod

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Uploaded 28th Feb 2022 at 2:48 PM

This is something I’ve basically tinkered with for a few months now, it replaces the outdated original font of the TS3 game with some more modern, stylish fonts.

This is still highly experimental as it tinkers with the game’s files. It was built on TS3 Steam with version 1.67 and tested on my personal game, install at your own risk! It’s not installed in the traditional Mods folder way, so it may also be a bit complicated.

If you really wanna try it though, here are the installation instructions:

1. Go to your The Sims 3/Game/Bin/UI folder
2. backup your original UI.package for safety (or change the extension from .package to .bak)
3. Copy the UI package from the font of your choice to the folder
4. *CRITICAL* Remove the font name at the end of the package, so it will just be “UI.package” (otherwise, you won’t have a UI.package which will result in a glitchy mess)
5. Boot up your game and hope for the best!

Friendly reminder that you do this at your own risk, I’m not responsible if you blow up your own game. However, just in case, a backup of the UI.package is included. It is the Steam 1.67 version however, may not work with other versions.