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Wedding Cakes as Birthday Cakes

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Uploaded: 14th Apr 2022 at 9:17 PM
Updated: 18th Jul 2023 at 9:52 PM
Update 9/5/22: Fixed a small tuning error that would be picked up if you have the Tuning Error Notifier installed.

KNOWN BUG: I just discovered the optional animation file is causing stretching when child sims blow out the birthday candles. I've spend hours trying to fix this but this might be beyond the scope of my capabilities... if you plan on using this for child sims I recommend deleting the optional animation file.

Here's another really small mod that will allow the new wedding cakes from My Wedding Stories to be used as birthday cakes!  

This is an override.  It will conflict with other mods which edit the rigs to wedding cakes.  (Recolors will probably be safe, unless they include the rig file.)

Hope you enjoy!

~ JS