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Child Prodigies Bundle

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Uploaded: 4th May 2022 at 3:37 PM
Updated: 1st Mar 2024 at 3:49 PM
Update 3/1/24: Fixed for compatibility with Crystal Creations patch.

This mod contains new gameplay elements for children and teen musicians. 

New Aspiration: Child Prodigy
These Sims want to become the finest young musicians they can be!  Objectives include things like listening to classical music, watching live music, playing instruments, and eventually, winning a competition!  The reward for this aspiration is the Child Prodigy trait, which allows you to learn adult music skills much faster. 

New After-School Activity: Music Class
This after-school activity is modeled on the Drama Club activity from Get Famous.  Child Sims will earn promotions when working on their instrument skills, and once reaching Level 3, they will have a performance every Friday.  

New Gameplay Element: Music Competitions
Children and Teens can now compete in music competitions on various instruments!  Since child sims can’t learn adult music skills until they max out the Creativity Skill, a general music competition will open for them once they reach Level 7 Creativity.  Teens can participate in Piano, Violin, Guitar, Pipe Organ, and Singing competitions once they reach Level 6 on those instruments.  

Sign up for a competition from your Sim’s phone, and don’t forget to Prep for Competition to increase your odds of success!  Sims will gain money and fame if they win, and a trophy delivered to their household inventory.  

INSTALLATION NOTE:This mod requires the XML Injector.  You only need one copy of the XML Injector, so if you have installed it previously, please do not re-install it.  For those that use lots of mods, this is healthier for your game than having a unique script for every single mod.  Since this mod only needs a couple of very standard injections, I decided to use this instead of a custom script. 

You can get it here: https://scumbumbomods.com/xml-injector

This mod overrides exactly one game file to allow it to be base-game compatible. It is the interaction "phone_JoinCareer_ChildSim", and all it does is delete the test which hides it when you don't have Seasons installed. I'm unaware of any other mod that overrides this resource, and if there is one, it's probably overridden in exactly the same way, but worth noting.